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B.S. Digital Media

Department of Art and Digital Media 

The B.S. in Digital Media is designed to allow students the opportunity to explore, in depth, the new exciting field of Digital Media under the guidance of recognized working artists, designers, and educators. It combines courses in digital media with a balanced curriculum of art studio, art history, and liberal arts.


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To focus their studies, students select one of three major concentrations:

  • Graphic Design
  • Animation
  • Digital Arts

However, the degree is flexible and can be tailored to students' interests. For example, students can choose to enhance their studies with courses in Communication, Information Technology, or professional internships. No matter the focus, the Digital Media student will gain broad-based training in a wide range of new media using powerful software and equipment, as well as an understanding of Digital Media concepts, history and heritage in the traditional media.


Requirements for a B.S. in Digital Media

Note: Only for students enrolled in Fall 2016 or later. Earlier students should follow link below.

Art Foundation Courses  Credits
ART 101 Fundamentals of Art and Design 3
ART 110 Basic Drawing 3
ART 201 3D Design 3
ART 231 Introduction to Digital Media 3
ART 160 History of Western Art I 3
ART 180 History of Western Art II 3
One additional Art History 200 level or above 3
ART 477 Capping 3
ART 478 Senior Thesis: Portfolio 3
  27 cr.

Digital Media Foundation 

ART 211 Digital Layout and Design 3
ART 235 Digital Animation I 3
ART 320 Digital Photography I 3
ART 323 Design for the Web 3
  12 cr.

Major Concentration (choose 5 courses in one concentration)


A. Graphic Design

ART 215 Graphic Design 1: Typography + Design 3
ART 315 Graphic Design 2: Publication Design 3
ART 415 Graph. Design 3: Adv. Typography 3
ART 326 Digital Illustration 3
ART 321 Digital Painting 3
ART 322 Multimedia Authoring 3
ART 425 Digital Photography II 3
  15 cr.

B. Animation

ART 321 Digital Painting 3
ART 322 Multimedia Authoring 3
ART 431 3D Modeling and Visualization 3
ART 432 3D Animation 3
ART 435 Digital Animation II 3
ART 445 Digital Animation III 3
  15 cr.

C. Digital Arts

ART 321 Digital Painting 3
ART 322 Multimedia Authoring 3
ART 325 Visual Book 3
ART 326 Digital Illustration 3
ART 425 Digital Photography II 3
ART 435 Digital Animation II 3
  15 cr.

Related Field/Internship (choose 15 credits of courses in Related Fields and/or Professional Internship)

15 cr.

Total Major Requirements 69 credits

Digital Media Careers

Careers in digital media are considered to be among the fastest growing areas of employment. A degree in digital media also provides an excellent foundation for graduate studies. The strength of the degree lies in its flexibility in the contemporary job market.

What kind of jobs?

  • Advertising design
  • Animation: 2D and 3D
  • Book design
  • Computer game images and animation
  • Corporate designs for logos, trademarks, stationery, annual reports, newsletters
  • Design of promotional/marketing materials (ex. posters)
  • Digital art
  • Educational media design
  • Storyboard artist
  • Concept artist
  • Graphic design
  • Interactive media design
  • Illustration
  • Magazine design
  • Museum exhibitions, publications, and signage
  • Newspaper design
  • Packaging and label design
  • Studio photography
  • University or college teaching
  • Web-page design


  • Advertising agencies
  • Animation firms
  • Book and magazine publishing companies
  • Corporate art and graphic design departments
  • Electronic media companies
  • Film and television companies
  • Independent contracting and consulting
  • Graphic design firms
  • Game design firms
  • Newspapers
  • Government departments and agencies
  • Hospitals
  • Museums and other public institutions
  • Universities or colleges
  • Foundations
  • Public television
  • Any nonprofit organization
  • Any organization that requires regularly updated webpages