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Information for Internship Employers and Sponsors

The Marist College Communication & Media Studies Internship Program welcomes employers and sponsors who wish to partner with the college to create internship opportunities for our students.

Our students study a variety of media disciplines, including public relations, broadcasting, journalism, advertising, interactive web development & gaming and video and film production. They have a great deal to offer employers. For many years sponsoring employers have rated Marist students among their best interns, praising their strong work ethic and drive to succeed in media industries. Marist students have consistently been complimented by employers for their dedication and teamwork as well as for their interest in the career field.

Legal Guidelines for College Interns

We adhere strictly to the federal guidelines for college internships. Also, individual states may offer supplemental guidelines or rules governing college interns. Sponsors are advised to become knowledgeable their responsibilities.

Instructions for Employer/Sponsors who are currently supporting a Marist intern:

  • Your Student intern will collect information from you specifying his/her internship duties and work schedule. This information will be processed on the Learning Contract form, which will be sent to you via email. You should review and approve the terms of the internship and forward the form to the Marist Communication Internship Director, for final approval.
  • The Internship Program Staff may check with you periodically to gauge the student's progress. You should feel free to contact the Internship Director at any time if you have questions or concerns.
  • At the conclusion of the internship, you will be sent an Evaluation Form via email. Please fill out this form, which is necessary for Marist to issue a grade for the internship. Students benefit greatly from your feedback, therefore you are encouraged to discuss your evaluation with the student.