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Internships and Careers

Internships add a very important dimension to the Marist academic experience and provide important contributions to students as they build professional resumes to take into the job market. Through internships, students:

  • Enhance classroom learning through access to the resources in their industry
  • Add depth and relevance to more traditional classroom work
  • Learn about their industry
  • Acquire experience in the working world
  • Improve job search and interview skills
  • Network to gain contacts
  • Develop an impressive resume

Marist's strength in internship placement, and unusual depth of internship opportunities, derives from our close proximity to New York City. Here in the communication and arts capital of the world, students have access to a wide variety of work environments. 

All students are strongly encouraged to complete at least one internship, although internship participation is not mandatory. Students without any internship experience are at a serious competitive disadvantage as they search for their first full-time job. Students should begin planning internships early and should make an appointment with Internship Coordinator.

One of our newer programs, Marist in Manhattan, places students in semester-long internships while they live in New York City.

Value of Internships

An internship is a supervised academic experience that puts you into a "real job." It's an opportunity to test theories and skills learned in the classroom in an actual work setting and is a link to the world of work - a window to establishing a career in a chosen profession. The Department's Internship Coordinator helps students find valuable internship opportunities in New York City and the Hudson Valley, capitalizing on our strong relationships with major companies, museums, and galleries.

Recent Internship Sites

Hearst Corporation, O Magazine, Redbook, Seventeen, Museum of Modern Art, Museum of the American Indian, Martha Stewart Living, Frederator Animation Studio, Spike TV, Showtime Networks, Nickelodeon, Sony Music Entertainment, Y&R Advertising, New York Times, Maxim Magazine.

If you or your company wish to become an empolyer or sponsor for the Media Studies program, learn more here.