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Center Field

Photo of students in Center Field Room

Center Field is an online publication published by the Marist College Center for Sports Communication.  Students cover Marist's varsity and club sports in depth and are responsible for everything from reporting, writing, editing, shooting and producing written and video stories. The Center also hosts a podcast network containing about a dozen student-run shows on subjects varying from the NFL to fantasy football, general sports analysis and Premier League soccer. 


Advisor: Leander Schaerlaeckens                                                                                                                       
Email:  Leander.Schaerlaeckens@marist.edu           


Ethical Fashion Initiative

The Marist College Ethical Fashion Initiative sees fashion as a means for development and strives to provide support to local artisans and designers of the Hudson Valley area. The Marist EFI team consists of forward-thinking students that are dedicated to stimulating conversation and raising awareness for the sustainable fashion movement.

Marist Ethical Fashion Initiative Values
The Marist Ethical Fashion Initiative

Advisor: Rebecca Brown


Image of Measure Magazine cover

Measure Magazine   

Measure is a student-powered publication that covers the vast ground between fashion and culture, working to distinguish how the two interact with our college community, and the world beyond. Like our contributors, our content is diverse in origin and subject. Published annually, the pages of our magazine highlight the values of intersectional inclusivity, creative freedom, environmental sustainability, and innovation. Employing an interdisciplinary approach that engages students in various areas of study, our goal is to spotlight talent, spark conversation, celebrate innovation and give a voice to those who inspire.

Measure Magazine

Fashion Merchanding Program

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Marist Band

The Marist Band involves approximately 120 students performing in a variety of ensembles. The namesake and largest of these ensembles is the Marist Band. The band performs full symphonic concert programs of standard band literature, tours nationally, prepares a half-time show each Fall for performance at home football games, performs at Marist home basketball games and at the MAAC Basketball Championship Tournament. Membership in this large ensemble provides the student the opportunity to also participate in the Brass Ensemble, Flute Choir, Jazz Foxes, Percussion Ensemble, Wind Symphony, and Woodwind Ensemble. Other ensembles that flourish under the 'umbrella' of the Marist Band include Chamber Strings, Guitar Ensemble, Handbell Choir, and String Orchestra.

Advisors:  Arthur B. Himmelberger & Mike Napolitano

Instagram:  themaristband, marist.orchestra



Marist Circle         

The Marist Circle is at the core of a long history of student-run campus media. The Greystone Gazette, Marist's first-ever student newspaper, was published in 1941, and while the newspaper has undergone name changes and the college and technology have transformed, the Circle upholds the tradition of a newspaper produced by students, for students. Today's Circle has online and print editions, and publishes the annual "For the Record,'' which highlights the accomplishments of the "best and brightest'' students at Marist. Any undergraduate student interested in journalism and willing to work is encouraged to get involved.

marist circle

Advisor: Kathy McNulty
Email:  writethecircle@gmail.com


Photo of student in Marist Fashion, Inc.

Marist Fashion Inc.           

Extracurricular to the Fashion Program at Marist College is Fashion Inc., a club for any student interested in learning more about the industry of fashion. Fashion Inc. brings students with a common desire together with social events relating to the fashion industry as well as with a variety of community service options.

Advisor:  Jennifer Finn
Email:  Jennifer.Finn@marist.edu

Instagram: @maristfashioninc



Marist Game Society       

Marist Game Society is a club for Marist College students who have an interest in and/or love of gaming. It's a community for the hardcore fans as well as the casual fans, and of course for the aspiring game developers here at Marist. It's a place for you to come hang out with friends, talk about games, play games, and maybe even make a couple.

game society website

NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY: that's what the club is for--to help YOU learn what you need to know.

Advisor:  Karen Schrier
Email:  Karen.Schrier@marist.edu


Marist Singers

Photo of Marist singers and ballet

The Marist College Singers involves about 160 students performing in a variety of ensembles.

Singers, the general choir, performs full choral concerts, ranging from classical to popular literature, touring both nationally and internationally.  Singers is also the centerpiece of Marist College's annual December Ecumenical Service, Lessons & Carols.  Membership in Singers provides students the opportunity to audition for membership in some of our smaller ensembles.   Singers may audition for Chamber Choir, our advanced ensemble, at the beginning of each semester.  Ranging from 20-26 voices, this select choir, has performed at music festivals in Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall, Washington, DC and Puerto Rico.  Additionally, members of this ensemble have participated in World Choral Festivals in Kansas City, MO and Salzburg, Austria.  

The Marist Chapel Choir, prepares music for Sunday evening Mass at the campus chapel on a purely passionate and voluntary basis.  The Marist Gospel Choir prepares a monthly praise and worship service, also on a voluntary basis.  

Photo of Marist Singers

The all-male Time-Check, all-female Sirens, and co-ed Enharmonics are highly selective a cappella groups, that hold auditions each semester.  The three groups perform at a wide array of on and off campus functions throughout the year.

Advisors:  Sarah Williams & Mike Napolitano

Instagram: marist_singers, timecheckacappella, thelovelysirens, the_enharmonics




Photo of student with camera

Marist College Television (MCTV) is a student run, student produced television station on the Marist campus. Producing a diversity of shows in the realm of news, entertainment, and sports since the 1980s. MCTV, as a club, strives to produce professional content, maintain a positive relationship with the student body and the faculty, and works towards the mission of making Marist a better place to go to school.

National Retail Federation Student Association

Photo of NRFSA Logo

The NRF student association provides students interested in retail careers with unique educational and scholarship programs, networking opportunities, and access to the latest industry news and research.  Along with dozens of other schools from across the country, NRF's University Members can offer an unlimited number of student’s membership to the NRF Student Association.
more information

The NRFSA is recognized by top retailers as the source for tomorrow’s retail leaders.

Follow us on Instagram: NRFSAmarist

Click here to see scholarship opportunities.

Advisor: Jennifer Finn
Email:  Jennifer.Finn@marist.edu

North Road Communications

Logo for North Road Communications

North Road Communications (NRC) is Marist College's student-run Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) firm dedicated to providing publicity services for non-profit community clients and providing hands-on, experiential learning opportunities for students. The firm’s mission statement is based on three guiding principles: Doing, helping, and learning. NRC provides services such as event planning, marketing research, media relations, strategic communication campaigns, and social media management. In accordance with national industry trends, NRC students take an integrated approach to their work. Students from different disciplines at the College are recruited to join the firm, including PR, advertising, digital media, media arts, and marketing.

As of Spring 2023, NRC is one of the largest student-run IMC firms in the country with 88 members. NRC maintains a community client roster of about 15 organizations. NRC is the first student-run firm to establish a global presence serving community clients in Florence, Italy, London, and Dublin, Ireland. NRC maintains a network of relationships with industry professionals and alumni on LinkedIn. Weekly meetings are at noon during Activity Hour on Wednesdays and often feature alumni and industry expert guest speakers. NRC also arranges agency tours in New York City at the largest IMC firms in the world, including Ketchum and Edelman. Connect with NRC on Instagram and check out the NRC website for more information.

Advisor: Dr. Jennifer Robinette
Email:  Jennifer.Robinette@marist.edu

Image of members of North Road Communications students.

Public Relations Student Society of America

The Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) is a pre-professional organization whose mission is to "serve our members by enhancing their knowledge of public relations and providing access to professional development opportunities" and to "serve the public relations profession by helping to develop highly qualified, well-prepared professionals."

As a member, you can obtain access to exclusive PRSSA opportunities:

  • Internships & job positions
  • Scholarships & awards
  • Networking 
  • National events, including the National Conference & regional activities
  • Professional development

The Marist Chapter coordinates multiple guest speakers, community service events, and fundraisers each semester along with a larger event such as a New York City agency tour or a networking event. The Chapter has received the Star Chapter Award from PRSSA National five consecutive years running. This award is given to Chapters that "provide programming and relationship building opportunities for students." It "is becoming the gold standard for Chapters trying to achieve excellence." In addition, the Chapter was also awarded Club of the Year during the 2017-2018 academic year by the Marist Student Government Association. 

Advisor: Amanda Damiano
Email:  Amanda.Damiano@marist.edu

The Society of Professional Journalists

Marist College hosts a chapter of the national Society of Professional Journalists, a national organization for journalists "dedicated to encouraging the free practice of journalism and stimulating high standards of ethical behavior." Marist SPJ publishes a newsletter about national news for Marist students; engages in investigative reporting projects; hosts film screenings, guest speakers, and workshops; and takes tours of newsrooms including The Wall Street Journal, WNYC, The New York Daily News, and The New York Times. Undergraduate students can get a special deal on membership in the national organization.

Advisor: Kevin Lerner
Email:  Kevin.Lerner@marist.edu