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Criminal Justice

School of Social and Behavioral Sciences

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Criminal Justice majors at Marist learn and apply critical thinking and criminological theory to address the many issues relevant to the creation of a just society.  They examine the concept of crime from multiple perspectives and engage in internship opportunities that bring into focus the importance of developing theories in conjunction with a “boots on the ground” experience.

Criminal Justice Courses For Your Interests

While many of our Criminal Justice students have similar goals and interests in relation to the field, it does not mean that our curriculum is one-size-fits-all. Our courses are designed to provide unique and specific insight into niche areas of criminal justice.

  • Want to go into law? We offer courses like “Criminal Law and Procedure” and “Law and Society.”
  • Interested in social issues within the system? We offer courses in “Race and Crime” and “Cross-Cultural Criminal Justice Systems.”
  • Want to work with a specific group in need? We offer courses in “Drug and Alcohol Abuse” and “Juvenile Justice System and Delinquency.”

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Service to others was a recurring theme in the life of Evan Fernandez ’21 well before he came to Marist to study criminal justice. So after his arrival at the College, he was able to draw on that tradition of helping others to support the people back home in Puerto Rico (including his own friends and family) devastated by Hurricane Maria.

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Learn from professionals in the field...

Marist’s Criminal Justice faculty come from a variety of industry backgrounds and experiences to share with students which results in well-rounded professionals entering the field. Due to our small class sizes, our faculty are able to provide one-on-one attention to each of our students, advising them in their unique paths toward successful careers in the Criminal Justice system. Meet a few of our faculty members below, or view all Criminal Justice faculty >


Develop the Skills You Need to Succeed

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Conflict Resolution

Applying knowledge of the systems that interact in criminal justice matters, students become effective negotiators and agents for change.


Cultural Competence

Students integrate diversity, equity, and inclusion to support effective practices in their fields.



Experience hones workplace demeanor and guides ethical decision making in employment settings.


Public Presentation

Students become engaging public speakers, able to read an audience and generate productive discussion.

Technological Skill

Students master the technology platforms that will support their success in any work environment.

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Scientific Reasoning

Students use empirical tools to develop hypotheses, collect and analyze data, and form evidence-based conclusions.

Take your classroom education to top notch internships...

At Marist, we believe practical experience in the field is essential to developing career preparedness. That’s why our Criminal Justice program determines specialized internship opportunities for all of our students. With over 75 internship opportunities, our students are continually forming relationships with our local, state, and federal partners, and they often engage in more than one internship. Our students have interned with the US Marshals, the Dutchess County District Attorney, and the Secret Service, to name a few. These connections are invaluable for our students, as many are offered paid positions after completing their internships.

The Criminal Justice Society hosts an annual Criminal Justice Career Day which encourages students to meet with representatives from Criminal Justice agencies, services, and departments and learn about potential career paths.

Criminal Justice Careers From Secret Service to Forensics

At Marist, we are focused on providing our Criminal Justice students with the tools and experience they need to pursue successful and meaningful careers in their area of Criminal Justice. While many of our students do enter law enforcement post-graduation, there is a wide range of career opportunities for students who complete a Criminal Justice degree from Marist, including law, forensics, criminology, youth outreach, and many more. Here are just a few examples of career placements Marist Criminal Justice students have achieved after completing their degree.

Logos of Criminal Justice Careers: United States Secret Service, FBI, NYS Corrections, US Drug Enforcement Administration
Logos of Criminal Justice Careers: US Marshals, NYDP, Gilbert West Law Firm, Exalt Youth
99 percent
Ninety-nine percent of School of Social and Behavioral Sciences graduates are employed or attending graduate school within the first 6 months of graduation.
Number 2
NYC is the second-most popular city in the nation for careers in Criminal Justice, located just 90 minutes from the Marist campus.
Over 3 million
According to the Bureau of Justice, over 3 million people are currently employed in the Criminal Justice industry.
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At Marist, we pride ourselves on our dedication to providing our students with a well-rounded liberal arts education that prepares them for practical experience and profound success in their field. But don't just take our word for it - the numbers speak for themselves.


Of current students are satisfied with their Marist Experience


Graduation rate, higher than the average for public and private colleges


Employed or attending grad school 6 months after graduation

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