Diversity and Inclusion at Marist

Marist College Diversity Leadership Institute

The Marist College Diversity Leadership Institute (MCDLI) brings together faculty and staff on the Marist campus who are passionate about social justice and anti-racist work to empower those of us who would like to promote equity and inclusion practices.


Specifically, the institute will help to:

  1. Ensure a diverse and inclusive community by enhancing training and educational programs that value the importance of diversity and inclusion.
  2. Enhance Marist’s role as a leading institution for ethical understanding and action by fostering a community that embraces respectful dialogues and individual differences.
  3. Use our intellectual and human capital to help solve societal problems by endorsing training that helps leaders promote equity in practices and policies for all in the Marist community.

Meet the Team

Planning Committee

Stacy A. S. Williams, Associate Professor of Psychology, Co-Chair

Maryellen Guardino, Associate Director for the Office of Accommodations and Accessibility, Co-Chair

Kathryn Silberger, Digital Content Services Librarian

John Sellmeyer, Accommodations Coordinator for the Office of Accommodations and Accessibility

Dashawn Jones, Investigator & Security Officer


Tammy Allison, Disability & Accessibility

Judy Creedon, Disability & Accessibility

Emma Frederick, Gender & Sexuality

Daria Hanssen, Race & Racism

Marisa Moore, Gender & Sexuality

Deborah Reeves-Duncan, Disability & Accessibility

Christina Wright-Fields, Race & Racism

Training Workshops

The Institute provides training workshops in the following areas: Race; Disability & Accessibility; and Gender & Sexuality. The workshops are led by Marist facilitators who are experts in these subject areas.