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FRAUD: "How are you doing?" Impersonation SMISH

September 25, 2023
You receive a text to your phone from President Weinman. Should you answer it? Probabaly not! Click Read More to find out why.
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PHISHING: Completed: Settlement: #3 - Marist

September 15, 2023
Please review and sign the attached document! This email looks like it is from Docusign, but it includes a QR code instead of a link. Click "read more" to find out why!
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PHISHING: e-mail Maintenance

September 11, 2023
Oh no! Your email inbox is almost out of space! You will hit your limit of 25 MB! Does that sound odd to you? It should: a 25 Megabyte inbox is so small you would never be able to send attachments. This is an attempt to get your username and password, and nothing more. Click "read more" to see the entire email and find out the indicators of phishing.
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PHISHING: Marist Team Important Review

June 14, 2023
You must review the security update! No wait - you have to setup two-factor authentication. Which one is it?? It's neither - this is a phishing attempt with a new twist, a QR code. Click "read more" to see details.
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PHISHING: Marist Revalidation Required

June 01, 2023
Revalidate your account! Click here to keep your password! You must do it now or you will lose access to your email. But beware - this is not a valid email message and is just an attempt to steal your credentials. Click "read more" to find out how to spot similar malicious emails.
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PHISHING: Mail upgrade notification

May 29, 2023
Marist mail is getting an upgrade, and you have to click this blue button to re-enable features. But beware - the button leads to a fake login page that exists only to steal your credentials. Click "read more" to find out about indicators of phishing emails like this one.
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PHISHING: Employment Assistance Program

May 29, 2023
Marist has a new Employee Assistance Program. All you need to do is click on the link and register for the new portal. But don't do it - the link leads to a form asking for your Marist credentials, and this is phishing attempt. Click "read more" for additional information.
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FRAUD: Receipt ID

May 22, 2023
Thank you for your payment and here is your receipt! The problem is, you didn't purchase anything. Don't be fooled - this is an attempt to get your credit card number. Click "Read More" to find out how.
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FRAUD: Marist Eats

May 05, 2023
Marist Dining Services has selected you as a winner of their contest! But they didn't - cyber attackers set up a fake instagram account just to send private messages to the Marist Community and try to solicit personal and financial information. Find out how by clicking "read more."
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PHISHING: Report from 5/4/2023

May 04, 2023
Important report! You have messages to review - so says the "Marist Help Center." But is it real? No! Click "Read More" to learn how to spot similar phishing messages.
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