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Before You Call

Before you contact the Help Desk, there are many common problems and errors that can be easily fixed by you, even if you don't know anything about computers. Common solutions are outlined below and are divided into two separate categories: students and faculty/staff.


Student Technology Questions/Problems are handled through several offices within Information Technology:

Help Desk: The Marist College Help Desk handles student telephone, network jack, and Marist account questions/problems. Before calling in a telephone question, you may want to visit: Telephone Services. If you are having a telephone hardware problem, we may ask you to bring your phone into the Help Desk. Please be prepared to leave your phone with us for repair. Contact us if you suspect the network jack in the wall may be part of the problem with your connection to the Marist Network. Call the Marist College Help Desk if you need to know your Marist account, need your Marist account password or need it reset, or simply have a question about a service offered by Information Technology.

ResNet: The department of Residential Networking assists students with connecting to the Marist Network. This includes troubleshooting, virus patching and operating system service pack installation. For a complete list of services and hours, visit the ResNet homepage.

Computer Store: As the name indicates, this is a storefront located on campus. If your computer problem does not exclusively involve a network connectivity problem, then this is the place to go. Visit the Computer Store's services page to find out where you can bring your computer for service.


  • Check all cable connections.
  • Write down the error message (if any).
  • Write down the model type, serial number and Marist tag number
  • If it appears to be a software problem, what type and version of the software is running?
  • What operating system is running? (Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Sierra, High Sierra, etc.)
  • Were there any recent changes made to the computer? New programs installed or removed, mouse, keyboard, printer installed?
  • Is anyone else in your area affected?