Honors Program

Admissions Process

The Honors Program admits talented and dedicated students who are looking for an enriched Honors education, who are academically high-achieving, who express an interest in problems and questions out of their major, and who show a potential for undergraduate research. As part of its process, the Admissions Office sends invitations to admitted students whom they believe best reflect the values of the Honors Program.

Students may also apply for admission to the Program during the second semester of their freshman year or first semester of their sophomore year.  The requirements for admission are as follows:

  • Letter of application
  • Minimum GPA of 3.500
  • Letter of support from a Marist faculty member
  • Interviews with the Director of Honors and one other member of the Honors Council
  • Approval of the Honors Council

Admission Application for Current and Transfer Students

Transfer students who were enrolled in an honors program at their previous institution may apply by presenting a letter of application, a letter of support from a faculty member at their previous institution, and a complete transcript indicating the honors courses taken. In addition, individual students will interview with the Director of Honors to assess their academic standing and to determine if any of the Marist Honors seminars have been satisfied by those taken at the previous institution.  Final approval of the application must be granted by the Honors Council.