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Responsibities of College Managers

The Marist Information Security Policy  defines Managers as members of the College community who have management or supervisory responsibility, including deans, department chairs, directors, department heads, group leaders, supervisors, etc. Faculty who supervise teaching and research assistants are included.

Managers shall provide an environment that promotes security. They shall make sure their staff has the training and tools needed to protect information.

Managers are not automatically allowed access to either email or computers assigned to staff, even those that report to that manager. Computers are assigned to a staff member, not the department. It is the responsibility of the manager to provide for a seamless transition. It is strongly recommended that departmental operational files be stored on the central file server, where appropriate backups and retention policies are enforced. Desktop Computing will reimage the computer assigned to the staff member prior to redeploying it to another staff member.

In addition, managers must:

  1. Make sure their people have the access authorizations needed to perform their jobs. The authorizations themselves are acquired from the Stewards of the information resources; The Help Desk can assist with proper authorization.
  2. Ensure that employees, including student employees, lose access when their employment is terminated or job responsibilities change;
  3. Administer and retain confidentiality statements for the people they manage or supervise if confidentiality statements are required by the steward(s) of the information.