MBA Program

Full-Time Business Administration Master's Degree

Apply to Earn An MBA Degree Online Through Our Full-Time Curriculum

Graduate students interested in a Master's in Business Administration degree at Marist College are given the option between part-time and full-time study on campus or online. Students are even able to complete their degree on their own time while gaining real-world experience. On-campus, classroom based courses are held at the Fishkill campus while online courses are available at the touch of a button when you need them.

The Business Administration degree offers four distinct concentrations for students interested in Ethical Leadership, Financial Management, and Health Care Administration. Each concentration is comprised of specific and innovation learning for students to round out their business degree.

Full-Time Master's in Business Administration Course Load

Graduate students pursuing a Master's in Business Administration full-time generally complete their degree in as little as four semesters. Course structure is based on two, eight-week rounds built into each semester allowing students to begin in the Spring or Fall depending on their needs.

Choosing the Online Full-Time MBA Degree

If you are interested in continuing your career while completing your degree, the full-time online MBA may be the option for you. If you're interested in career advancement in a fast paced environment you can opt to take your courses online, through a schedule you set up to fit with the needs of your career and travel engagements.

All work in the online classroom is submitted through the coursework portal by the deadlines assigned. Tests and exams are given pre-chosen deadlines for students to complete their assignments by. Online students are never required to meet on campus unless they chose to supplement their coursework with an online MBA course.

Students can see firsthand how a Master's in Business Administration graduate degree program is designed to meet their prospective needs. Contact Marist College to begin your MBA, graduate degree application process.