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Healthcare Administration MBA Degree

Enroll in the Online Healthcare Administration Master's Degree Concentration

Whether you are looking for a change in pace in your career, or you are already working in the healthcare field, the AACSB-accredited online MBA Healthcare Administration program at Marist College will help you gain an understanding of the bigger picture of the healthcare industry.

America's healthcare industry is quickly evolving, experiencing faster than average growth. Through the Marist Healthcare Administration program, graduate students will have extensive knowledge of business operations with a specialized understanding of healthcare administration. Marist Healthcare Administration Master's degree students trained to become educated leaders who handle regulatory, ethical, social and political demands dealing with the new frontier of the healthcare industry. Students will gain the necessary knowledge to become more effective administrative managers in the healthcare industry while developing a deeper understanding of the unique situations healthcare managers cope with on a daily basis.

With a Masters in Healthcare Administration, graduates will go on to a wide variety of occupations. These growing ranges of healthcare organizations reflect the diversity of the career field and the population that our graduates will serve.

Healthcare Administration Masters Degree - 100% Online Means 100% Flexible

All courses within the Marist Healthcare Administration program are taught 100% online, enabling students to earn their degree through a flexible environment on their own time. The Healthcare Administration MBA distance learning program now makes it easier than ever to advance your career in the healthcare sector.

Courses are offered in 8-week segments or “rounds.” Round 1 courses run the first 8 weeks of each semester. Round 2 courses run the second 8 weeks of each semester. There is also one 8 week round that will run over the summer. 

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MBA Healthcare Administration Courses

The Managing Organizational Change Healthcare Administration MBA course is designed to build skills that will help students effectively manage change. Particular attention will be given to enhancing the student's capability to analyze situations of change, plan and implement appropriate actions for change, and learn from personal experiences and the experiences of others regarding change. 8 weeks.
Pre-requisites: MBA 660

US Health Care Policies and Systems is an introduction to health care delivery systems, with special emphasis on the American system of health care and its major issues and challenges. The US Health Care Policies and Systems course through the online MBA Healthcare Administration program explores the dynamics of health care institutions such as hospitals, nursing homes, and ambulatory care facilities that shape the delivery of health care. 8 weeks.
Pre-requisites: MBA 660

The Ethical / Legal Issues in Healthcare course is geared towards students with the fundamental knowledge of the legal system as it relates to health care Institutions. This Healthcare Administration MBA course provides an opportunity to integrate the understanding of moral and ethical realities in the field of health care administration. 8 weeks.
Pre-requisites: MBA 660

The Healthcare Administration course, Critical Issues in Health Care, provides an in-depth examination of some of the issues in operations facing health care providers in today's society. Topics discussed include the impact of the AIDS crisis on providers and consumers; the prospective pricing system and the diagnose-related group's (DRG) impact on access, quality of care and the operating margins of provider organizations; the role of competition and regulation in containing costs; recruitment and retention of professionals; for-profit market's impact on the delivery system; rationing of health care and strategies for intervention. 8 weeks.
Pre-requisites: MBA 660