Master of Public Administration (MPA)

Part-Time Public Administration Master's Degree

Earn Your Degree Online Through Our Part-Time MPA Degree

Students who enroll in the Public Administration Master's degree program at Marist College are encouraged to pursue the degree part-time. Through the part-time option, students can choose from earning a Master of Public Administration as a part-time student in a traditional classroom environment, or in a flexible online format. The part-time online degree option allows students to earn their Public Administration graduate degree on their own time, perfect for students who need to work around a busy career or family schedule.

Part-time MPA degree students are able to explore different public administration concentrations such as Ethical LeadershipHealthcare AdministrationPublic ManagementNonprofit Management, and Analytics. Each concentration provides the best in-depth practices and up-to-date research for the specific area of study.

Part-Time Master of Public Administration Course Load

The recommended course load for part-time MPA students is five to six classes a year over the Fall, Spring, and Summer terms. Each semester includes two classes with one class per round.

A smaller course load allows part-time Public Administration graduate degree students to fulfill their degree within three years while simultaneously gaining experience for the job market. Part-time students are given the flexibility to earn a degree while maintaining their current employment or juggling a busy family life.

Choosing the Online Part-Time MPA Degree

MPA Students have the option of enrolling in courses that are taught online or in a traditional classroom setting. Classroom-based courses typically meet one night a week. Online courses are structured similarly to classroom courses to ensure graduate students receive a dynamic education across the board.

Students studying through the online part-time curriculum are able to meet personally with professors and advisors via online chats, phone, and email. If students live or work close to the Marist College main campus in Poughkeepsie, scheduling face-to-face meetings with professors and advisors is also an option.


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