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Guest Speaker Series

On selected Friday afternoons throughout the 2017/2018 academic year we will featured guest speakers. Please watch this space for updates.

  • Friday Sept 1st - 3:30PM - Professor Haughey will provide an introduction to the Bloomberg terminals and their use in security analysis.

Greystone Fund Rebalancing

May saw student managers in the Greystone Equity Fund complete the semi-annual portfolio rebalancing. Students made presentations on the stocks that they had researched, and the investment committee, consisting of all the students in the class, voted on the various recommendations. At the same time, students in the Greystone Fixed Income Fund class made their recommendations about allocations in the bond market, largely favoring Convertibles and Leveraged Loans.

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Student Investment Club

The Student Investment Club meets on Thursday evenings, at 9:15PM, in HC2023. The club is a forum for students who are interested in the capital markets and investing. Each week there are lectures by students on topics of interest, discussions of current market events, and analysis of selected stocks. All are welcome - for more information, see the Marist College Investment Club groupon Facebook.

BUS 120 - Financial Literacy Class

The one-credit, eight-week series of classes covering basic financial literacy will be held again this semester. This class is highly recommended for all Marist students, particularly Seniors. For more information, please contact Prof. John Finnigan, Prof. Philip LaRocco, or Professor Haughey.