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Marist's state-of-the-art Hancock Center is home to a fully functional trading floor, similar to those you might find in investment banks around the world. The Investment Center, equipped with large screen TVs, stock ticker and computerized financial news feeds, provides students with access to the same technology that Wall Street traders employ to do their jobs, while providing through the glass wall a magnificent panoramic view of the Hudson River.

The world-class Investment Center is equipped with twelve Bloomberg terminals that facilitate a "hands-on" learning experience. Students have access to real-time news, financial market data and prices, and professional tools that enable them to explore, investigate and analyze companies and securities. The classroom is designed to encourage collaboration, with seats arranged in clusters to facilitate student group work.

The resources in the Investment Center are available to all of our students, not just those studying finance. Economics and accounting majors can perform research there, as can our communications, foreign language, and fashion students, for example. Meanwhile, the finance curriculum includes classes in applied finance, structured around the Greystone Equity Fund and the Greystone Fixed-Income Fund, in keeping with our guiding philosophy of providing our students with the best possible preparation for careers in the increasingly complex world of finance.


"I think the investment center enabled me to understand the markets in a real world environment, not just theory. It helped me gain a better understanding of the financial world, and helped shape my understanding of what I want to do when I graduate. When I interviewed for my job, they were extremely impressed with the experience I had in the equities class, especially using the Bloomberg Terminal. It has been an amazing learning experience, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity."

"I was recently hired to be an assistant research analyst for investment grade fixed income at [Investment Management Firm]. There was only one position available and I beat out over 100 other candidates in order to get the job. Throughout the interview process, I constantly referred back to experiences I had in the Greystone Equity Fund. My knowledge of analysis, use of a Bloomberg Terminal, and overall financial vocabulary that I learned from being in the fund is what gave me the edge over the others I was competing against."

"Though we are a smaller school, I felt among some of the most well prepared new hires and I largely attribute that to your style of teaching as well as the professional and educational push that you provided all of us throughout the years."

Finance Electives

Students can apply to take several advanced finance electives in their Junior and Senior years. These classes help equip our students with the skills required to compete successfully for positions in investment banks, hedge funds, asset management firms and rating agencies.

  • BUS 426 - Investment Practicum: Equities
  • BUS 427 - Investment Practicum: Fixed Income
  • BUS 416 - CFA® Level 1 Prep Class
  • BUS 417 - Structured Finance Modeling

The Investment Practicum classes introduce students to the asset management profession, while the CFA® Level 1 Prep Class helps prepare students who intend to take the examinations that are a prerequisite for the Chartered Financial Analyst designation. In the Structured Finance Modeling class, students learn sufficient computer programming skills to develop programs to amortize pools of collateral in order to structure an asset-backed security (ABS). Please note that admission to these classes is by permission of the instructor only.