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Portfolio Update - January 2018

The domestic and international markets performed exceptionally well in 2017, led by the technology sector. While value stocks have been under-performing in recent years, the Greystone Equity Fund clocked an impressive performance of almost 25%, compfortably beating its S&P 500 benchmark, which returned 21.8%.

Greystone Portfolio Graph

Portfolio Rebalancing - Fall 2017

Student managers in the Greystone Equity Fund are responsible for managing the portfolio assets. At their last meeting, in December, they added new positions in Delta Airlines, EPR Properties, Illumina, Home Depot, Zayo, Skyworks Solutions, Bank of America, and Ormat Techologies. They also reduced or closed out positions in Aqua America, Bank of the Ozarks, Disney, Facebook, Gilead and Snap-On, among others.