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Marist Listservs

Listserv is an electronic mailing list that offers an efficient way to disseminate official announcements and information to large numbers of people.  The College maintains three official lists, MARFAC, MARSTAFF, and MAR-STU for the purpose of informing the College community about College events, news, and other issues directly related to College activities and operations.  The College also provides one list, MARFORUM, for general discussion of interest to subscribed members on the MARFORUM list.   Purpose  The purpose of the list(s) at Marist College is to facilitate and disseminate information to eligible members and affiliates of the College.  The person responsible for managing a list is known as the "list owner."  The administration is the list owner of MARFAC, MARSTAFF, and MAR-STU.  MARFORUM is a self-regulated list and users are expected to abide by College policies.  The College reserves the right to remove users from the MARFORUM list upon request of the FAC. List Membership  MARFAC:  All current faculty, both full and part time, and academic support staff are required to be on this list and may not OPT/Out.  Retired faculty may OPT/In and OPT/Out. MARSTAFF:  All administrative employees are required to be on this list and may not OPT/Out. MAR-STU:  All students are required to be on this list and may not OPT/Out. MARFORUM:  All users are automatically subscribed when becoming a member of the community but may OPT/In or OPT/Out at any time. Policies  Lists are subject to all College policies and local, state, and federal regulations. Messages sent via the listserv must be the writer’s own work and must not violate any copyright or other regulation or law.  Members of MARFORUM may request to be unsubscribed from the list by clicking on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of all messages. Membership of any College provided list is not a right of the individual.   

The distribution of large binary documents via listserv is discouraged.  The listserv host will refuse to send messages that are greater than 1M.