Media Center

Additional Services


Media Center facilities exist to serve the educational needs of the Marist community, available for faculty and staff members for educational purposes related to Marist College. Facilities include  TV studios, non-linear editing, duplication, conversion, and more.

Recording Services 

The Media Center is available to record your class or special event. This is a service provided free-of- charge for classes and events on campus during Media Center business hours. Be sure to contact the Media Center well in advanced to ensure availability. The Media Center is also able to provide equipment for off-campus activities and for campus activities occurring during non-business hours.


The Media Center can produce corporate, informational, and educational video programs. Staff can help you create audio & video clips for your website or online course. Contact the Media Center to begin your pre-production planning.

TelePresence is a next generation video collaboration technology that is transforming the way geographically dispersed people work and communicate by creating the feeling of being in the same room during a meeting. The Marist TelePresence Room is located in the Hancock Center and includes a boardroom style table that seats six participants across from the remote participants displayed on 65-inch plasma screens.  For more information and scheduling, contact the Information Technology Department.

Technical Support 

Our technical staff is meticulous with their maintenance routines, however equipment does occasionally break down. If you experience problems with equipment or media classrooms, please contact us ASAP.

Copyright disclaimer: The Media Center is responsible to abide by federal copyright laws. Please do not ask our department to copy or edit any copy written material without expressed written permission from the copyright holder.