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Middle States Commission on Higher Education

Reaccreditation Effort 2021-2023

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Dr. Thom Wermuth, Vice President for Academic Affairs / Dean of Faculty 

Dr. Carol Rinke, Professor of Education / Associate Dean for Social and Behavioral Sciences 

Overview of the Self-Study Process:

The self-study process began in fall 2020 with the appointment of the self-study co-chairs. The co-chairs appointed a broadly representative steering committee to guide the self-study process. The steering committee submitted its self-study design in fall 2021, and assembled working groups that analyzed evidence and wrote comprehensive and rigorous reports on each MSCHE Standard and the Requirements of Affiliation. The evidence working group built a comprehensive and detailed inventory of evidence relevant to each Standard and operational area of the College. The working group reports make a powerful case for how the College continues to embrace the standards endorsed by MSCHE. Each working group generated recommendations and findings that were included in their final reports and incorporated into the narrative of each chapter. The working group charge provided our campus community a chance to reflect on its practices and policies, and to articulate and examine major advancements and initiatives in all operational areas. The self-study process and its findings have undoubtedly resulted in a road map for future conversations and planning. 

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