Professional Studies Major

The Professional Studies Major within the School of Professional Programs (SPP) maintains the College’s long-held liberal arts tradition while meeting the needs of the diverse, globally-oriented, and technologically capable adult learner. Flexible and tailored undergraduate degree programs integrate academic areas, incorporating lifetime learning and work experience in an interactive learning environment. At the same time, it provides the core structure needed to maintain the high academic standards of a Marist College degree program.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Integration of Academic Disciplines: Students will examine and integrate two or more concentrations and demonstrate the ability to think critically, gathering, evaluating, and synthesizing information from their chosen academic discipline.
  2. Communication: Students will be able to demonstrate competence in effective oral and written communication.
  3. Values Assessment & Articulation: Students will be able to articulate a coherent value system through comparative and socio-analytic methodologies.
  4. Synthesis of Core Studies: Students will integrate the academic disciplines of the Humanities, Social Sciences, Science, and History with their chosen areas of study; thereby understanding the relationships of these core professional studies areas to their program specific majors.
  5. Specialized Knowledge Development: Students will be able to apply the disciplinary knowledge and skills appropriate for their chosen fields of study.


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