Mission Statement

The School of Science addresses itself primarily to meeting the needs of students majoring in the scientific disciplines. These needs include a sound grasp of theoretical principles and the ability to apply them. A strong emphasis on laboratory experiences and student research is designed to wed theory and practice. Our aim is to prepare students for continuing education at the university level, including programs in the health professions and law, and for entry-level professional positions in the fields for which they have been trained. Consistent with this aim toward professional preparation, science programs stress the broader skills and competencies that form the basis for leadership and management roles in the professions. Consonant with the historical mission of the college, the School also aims to provide students with the content knowledge required for secondary school teacher certification.

More broadly, the School addresses the needs of every student for scientific literacy. This is achieved within the scope of the general education requirement of the Core/Professional Studies curriculum of the College. Here the focus is on a grasp of the scientific approach to gain knowledge, a critique of this methodology and its limitations in addressing the full range of human problems and aspirations, and the opportunity to confront, use and apply the knowledge content of at least one of the scientific disciplines.

Finally, the School recognizes its place within the broader scientific community where it acknowledges a responsibility for contributing to scientific knowledge consistent with Marist's tradition as a four-year liberal arts college, providing leadership in professional settings, and supporting scientific and educational enterprises in the larger community. Because of the location of Marist College on the Hudson River, these responsibilities take on special meaning when seen in the context of caring for the health and vitality of this extraordinary resource.