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School of Science Academic Departments

The School of Science offers majors in Athletic Training, Biochemistry, Biology, Biomedical Sciences, Chemistry, Environmental Studies, and Medical Technology.  Students benefit from a combination of small classes, personalized attention from full-time faculty, and opportunities to conduct guided research or complete internships.  The School’s laboratory facilities are open around the clock so that students can review materials or gather for group study in an environment conducive to learning. Faculty members often return at night to lead optional review sessions, and most maintain an open-door policy to increase their availability to students.  Each student is advised by a full-time faculty member, who helps plan course schedules and provides suggestions for co-curricular activities that will enhance the undergraduate experience.

Each year, students and faculty generate publications and presentations that advance scientific knowledge.  Graduates of the School are also eligible for a number of baccalaureate awards, and many have gone on to use their Marist degrees to make a national impact.

To learn more about each of the academic departments within the School of Science, including majors and minors, faculty, learning outcomes, program requirements, admission criteria, and facilities, please visit the respective departments listed below.