School of Science

Coaching Certification Program for New York State

A ruling by the New York State Board of Regents requires that all public school coaches must be certified by an approved program of certification or be a certified teacher of physical education. Marist has been approved as a certifying institution and is providing the courses leading to coaching certification in New York State.

The course areas offered are mandated by the State and fall into three basic areas:

  1. Philosophy, principles, and organizations; students must take PHED 410, Principles and Problems of Coaching.
  2. Health Sciences applied to coaching:
    1. Students must take either PHED 401 (Movement in Sports) or HLTH 300 (Kinesiology)
    2. Students must take either PHED 305 (First Aid & Care of Injuries) or HLTH 202 (First Aid/CPR)
  3. Theory and techniques courses in coaching: students must take one 2-credit course chosen from the following, not all of which are offered every year:
PHED 310 Soccer Coaching
PHED 311 Basketball Coaching
PHED 313 Baseball Coaching
PHED 314 Football Coaching

Upon completion of all of these courses, it is the student's responsibility to contact the New York State Education Department to apply for a certificate, which is not issued by Marist College. It is also the student's responsibility to take appropriate steps to renew the certificate every three years.