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Open your eyes past the distorted lenses you have built. 

Liberate your mind to the world beyond your perspective. Now, what will you see? 

The Silver Needle Runway (SNR) fosters a positive and encouraging community that challenges its peers in a professional setting while uplifting the next generation of leaders in fashion and beyond. This year, SNR is re-introducing its brand as one that extends beyond the traditional associations of the fashion industry, as it continues to establish itself as a ‘laboratory of innovation’ across all creative fields. Throughout all of our platforms, SNR aims to create a digital community that champions creativity and innovation, diversity, leadership, and social responsibility. In our 35th year, the SNR student producers are using the visual aesthetics of distortion and optical illusions as a way of initiating a more complex conversation regarding the skewed perspectives and notions that society projects onto us. We hope our show will act as liberation from the societal prejudices and molds that bind us from becoming the person and voice we aspire to be. 

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