Dr. Erik Moody

Assistant Professor of Psychology


My background in basic learning and memory phenomenon has led me the use of learning strategies in the classroom that have been empirically derived through years of research. I completed my Ph.D. with David Riccio at Kent State University where we investigated the process by which old memories are reactivated and modified. At my Post-doc with Mark Bouton at the University of Vermont we investigated the effects of context change on the return of a previously extinguished behavior. These highly controlled laboratory experiments provide important guidance that I try to incorporate in the courses I offer as a college professor.  I am specifically interested in implementing these established learning phenomenon with new techniques now available because of emerging education technology.

The emerging field of Learning Analytics is just starting to harness the power of educational technology and data to improve learning outcomes in a number of ways. I have been focusing on the use of data collected within the period of a course allowing an instructor to action quickly. Data, which is quickly collected, analyzed, and reported can allow an instructor to intervene with a struggling student, or go over a concept that a large portion of the class is not understanding.  I have been investigating a number of different approaches that harness the power of sophisticated courseware technology in a small traditional classroom setting.  Automated data collection and dashboard reports provide me with the data I need to quickly assess the effectiveness of new strategies now possible because of innovative courseware.

As a member of the Online Academic Analytic Initiative OAAI, a Marist based effort to investigate the use of Learning Analytic technology in higher education, I contributed to a multi-institution effort to study the effectiveness of early alerts and interventions in college students with a goal of improving learning outcomes.


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