Dr. Kristin Jay

Associate Professor of Pyschology


I am a cognitive psychologist. My training is in cognitive neuroscience, an interdisciplinary field that seeks to understand how the nervous system supports mental processes like perception, attention, memory, cognitive control, and language. I initially became interested in psychology through the field of psycholinguistics—as someone who has always appreciated the power of language and enjoyed writing and playing with words, I was delighted to learn that researchers were trying to systematically understand how people use language to do things to each other. As a graduate student and postdoc, I studied other mental processes, like attention and executive function, in terms of how they are influenced by emotion. My dissertation addressed these issues in the context of mind-body relationships involving maladaptive coping and functional physical (chronic, no obvious organic cause) disorders. After years of studying maladaptive coping, pain, and offensive language, coinciding with a deepening personal interest in yoga philosophy and practice, I started to become very aware of the need to better understand adaptive coping. Right now, I am especially interested in yin yoga and how mindfulness practices involving attention to the body impact health, creativity, sensory acuity and phenomenological experience.  


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Selected Publications

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