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Jobs and Opportunities

(Last updated: 7/1/20)

The Education Department:

  • Maintains an iLearn site listing Jobs and Opportunities. When the Education Department receives an announcement of a new posting, it is entered into the iLearn site and candidates receive an email informing them that a new posting has occurred. This iLearn site archives postings for a brief period.
  • Periodically distributes emails with job opportunities. Be alert for these announcements.
  • Maintains a Job Opportunities notebook in the main office. This notebook contains announcements of teaching positions and other opportunities for employment related to education.
  • Posts announcements of job opportunities in the main office.

DISCLAIMER: These announcements and postings have been received by the Education Department and are communicated as a service to candidates. The Education Department neither vets nor endorses these opportunities.

Specific Notes of Interest:

  1. Employment opportunities throughout the academic year and summer are available with Upward Bound and Liberty Partnership Program. Look for emails!  Come look at the postings!
  2. Camp Ramapo in Rhinebeck has summer positions for interns and paid counselors.
  3. During the academic year, the Hyde Park School District looks for volunteer tutors for at-risk middle and high school students.