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Education Department

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College to Career

Prepare yourself for a first teaching position that is right for you, and launch a career you can love for a lifetime.

Teaching is as gratifying as it is challenging. Your Marist education can prepare you for a career characterized by stimulation and professional growth, a career in which each year you strengthen your ability to make a difference in children's lives.

Marist alumni have an excellent track record, finding teaching positions they love even in this very competitive economic environment. Our teachers are helping diverse students achieve high academic standards in public and private schools, in general and special education, and in places near and far.

Graduates who find teaching positions well suited to their strengths and interests are those who are willing to look beyond their backyards. While there is no across-the-board shortage of teachers, rewarding positions are open in key locations and specializations. If you are flexible about teaching assignments and are willing to relocate, you are sure to find a teaching position you will love.

About College to Career

We are here to help

Marist faculty and staff are committed to helping you succeed. We have designed our curriculum very carefully, linking course work to field experiences in diverse settings that increase in complexity from freshman to senior year. We monitor your progress carefully and offer individualized support to insure that you become an excellent teacher. We are guided by Marist's mission and values statements, which express our beliefs about the power of education.

Please take advantage of all that the Education Department offers you.

The key is developing your strengths

All of the applicants for the teaching positions you are seeking will have commendable GPAs and enthusiastic letters of recommendation, very much like yours. How will your application stand out, so that it makes its way from the "in box" to the "interview box"?

If you take deliberate steps over your years at Marist to cultivate your strengths, you will be able to demonstrate to a school leadership team the distinctive contributions you can make to their faculty. You also will become a teacher-leader who can help to improve schooling to the benefit of students, their families, and their communities.

This is a marathon, not a sprint

The strategies we recommend -- nurturing your strengths, developing depth of knowledge and a range of experiences, building a professional network -- take time to bear fruit. To ensure success, you must begin now and make steady progress in developing your career. Those who wait until junior or senior year will be at a disadvantage when the time comes to conduct a job search.

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