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Program Format and Delivery Models

The Master of Science in Education degree program is designed with three delivery models: fully on campus, hybrid (on campus and online), and 5-year BA/MSED.

On-campus model: takes place on the Poughkeepsie campus, and coursework may be completed either through full-time or part-time study. Candidates are accepted in the spring. A limited number of courses are offered in the summer. The program is designed so that it can be completed by a full-time student in three to four semesters, completing 9 or 12 credits each semester. A full-time student usually attends evening classes and takes 9 credits per semester. Each course is worth three credits and meets one evening per week, and some online course opportunities. Part-time students must complete the program within five years from the first matriculation in the program. Study plans can be customized for individual student needs. Some courses are offered both fall and spring, other courses are offered only fall or only spring. The study plans will reflect the order of course offerings. Study plans are customized according to individual needs and availability of courses. Due to course availability and course planning, candidates in collaboration with the Director of Graduate Programs will design a study plan for each student upon their acceptance into the program. Candidates should follow the study plan and consult with the director for any changes.

Online model: is a cohort-based program model. Students start the online model only in the summer. This unique 36-credit program is designed to be completed in two years, with two courses completed each semester: summer, fall, and spring. In recognition of the busy and tightly scheduled lives of professional educators today, the program takes advantage of the superior Marist online resources. Marist has a long history of collaborative research and development, including Marist/IBM collaboration, to build outstanding online learning environments. As a result, Marist now has cutting-edge technology platforms and includes the traditional services of email, chat, discussion groups, web servers, as well as iLearn, a dynamic and flexible system for offering online coursework. This graduate program takes full advantage of these resources. Because this is a cohort-based model, courses are offered in a specified sequence and candidates follow the already set cohort program. Since this is a very intensive program in a 100% online model, students must have good self-management and organization skills.

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