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Life After Marist: Information and Forms

There are 6 credits in your major designated as "Life after Marist, Personalize Your Major," or as seen on your degree audit "Internship/Research/Focused Electives." The faculty would like you to use these 6 credits for internships or research. For most students, completing this requirement entirely by doing internships, or doing a combination of internships and independent research will be the best way to prepare for the workforce and/or graduate school. However, we are willing to consider your using these 6 credits to take more psychology classes - but you must provide a good reason for this choice. Below is more information about each of these options.


It is recommended that psychology majors fulfill their "Life After Marist" credits through 2 3-credit internship experiences. Under the supervision of both a faculty supervisor and field professional, students take the theories and principles learned in the classroom and apply them to their work in a field setting. Students acquire knowledge and new skills while providing service to the community. The field experience facilitates awareness of the working world and helps students with their career development. Students have the option of taking Internship I during their junior year or during their senior year. If students choose to complete their Life After Marist requirement by doing 6 credits of internships, they may take 2 3-credit internship courses concurrently or across separate semesters.


Students can fulfill their "Life After Marist" credits by completing a supervised research project (PSYC 485: 3 credits) or independent study (1-3 credits) based on a research proposal. Working closely with a faculty member of their choosing, students take the lead on conducting a literature review on a research question they propose, creating a research design, and then collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data. These projects are often presented within the Marist community and at regional conferences (e.g., Eastern Psychological Association Annual Conference).

Registration for Supervised Research (PSYC 485) or Independent Study courses is not done online during the normal registration process. To register for either of these courses, you must fill out special forms which can be found at the School of Social and Behavioral Sciences main office on the third floor of Dyson. The Supervised Research form is titled "Permission to Register for a non-Scheduled Course". The Independent Study form is titled "Permission to Register for Independent Study". To complete each form, you will need the approval of your research supervisor and the school Dean. Before you pursue either of these options, consult with your proposed research supervisor and academic advisor.

Focused Electives

Though not recommended, students can apply to fulfill their "Life After Marist" credits via focused electives in special cases, but must provide a rationale as to how this will be more beneficial than internships or research experience. In the form below, you will be asked to explain your decision to take classes instead of registering for an internship or research. Please talk to your advisor about all the options (more psychology classes, PSYC485 Research, Independent Study, PSYC487-490 Internship).

Of course, you can take as many courses in psychology as you would like! Many students take more than the required 16 credits of "breadth" courses. This form is to be used only if you are asking to take psychology electives INSTEAD OF the 6 credits we recommend in fieldwork and/or research. And, you may "mix and match" (e.g. 3 credits of fieldwork and 3 credits of research). Again, you must speak with your advisor for assistance in making this decision.

If you decide you want permission to take a psychology course INSTEAD OF internships or research, you must do the following:

  1. Open the form below, complete it on line, and print it.
  2. You sign the form, and then bring it to your adviser.
  3. Your adviser will ask you why you want to make this choice.
  4. Get your advisor's signature.
  5. Bring the form with your signature and the advisor's signature to the Department Chair.
  6. The Department Chair may ask you why you are making this choice as well.
  7. Get the Department Chair's signature.
  8. Take the form to the Registrar's office.

Good luck with your decision.

Click here to access the focused elective permission form.