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Social Justice Minor: Curriculum

The Social Justice minor curriculum allows students the opportunity to explore cross-disciplines from the School of Liberal Arts, the School of Social and Behavioral Sciences, and the School of Communications and the Arts. The minor includes courses in the following areas: Social Identities, Social Structures, and Social Change. All courses are offered at our main campus in Poughkeepsie, New York.

Requirements for a Minor in Social Justice

Foundation Requirements (one course) 3 credits

  • CRJU 290L Foundations in Social Justice OR
  • SOC 336L Social Inequalities

Distribution Requirements/Thematic Areas (three courses) 9 credits

*No more than three courses from the student’s major field of study can be used to fulfill the distribution and elective requirements in the minor.

Social Identities (one course) 3 credits 
ENG 220L Literature and Gender 
HIST 232L U.S. Women’s History 
HIST 234L African American History 
PSYC 331L Psychology of Women 
SPAN 270L Cultures of Hispanics in the U.S.

Social Structures (one course) 3 credits 
CRJU 314L Race and Crime 
ECON 150L Econ - Social Issues 
HIST 205L Introduction to Public History 
POSC 300L US Constitutional Law 
POSC 303L Politics of Prejudice 
SOC 101L Introduction to Sociology 
SOC 150L Culture, Power, and Education

Social Change (one course) 3 credits 
COM 400L/WMST 400L Gender, Culture and Communication 
HIST/WMST 130L Intro to Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies 
PHIL 340L Marx and Marxism 
POSC 214L Gender & Law 
POSC 302L Political Social Movement 
POSC 310L/HIST 216L Race and Political Thought 
POSC 320L Feminist Political Thought 
PSYC 222L Community Psychology 
SOC 341L Social Change
SOCW 326L Domestic Violence Prevention and Intervention

Electives (two courses) 6 credits

*Any of the aforementioned foundation or thematic courses and:

COM 260L Sports, Culture and Communication 
COM 325L Intercultural Communication 
CRJU 305L Juvenile Justice 
ENG 223L American Ethnic Literature 
ENG 353L Ethnic American Literature 
ENSC 101L Intro to Environmental Issues 
HIST 211L History of American Manhood 
HIST 217L/POSC 217L/REST 217L Catholics in the U.S. 
PHIL 213L Foundations of American Social Thought
PHIL 234L Social & Political Philosophy 
PHIL 348L The Ethics of Food 
POSC 213L Politics of Human Rights 
PSYC 330L Culture and Psychology 
REST 231L Social Ethics + Econ 
SOCW 343L Soc Work w/ Aging People 
SOCW 352L Addictions and Diverse Population

Total Credit Requirement 18 credits