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Working Groups

The Strategic Plan Steering Committee convened working groups in December 2022 to explore themes that emerged from inputs to the planning process, including listening sessions, the survey, retreats, and presidential priorities. The working groups include a talented and diverse array of members of the Marist community, including faculty, staff, students, alumni, and members of the Board of Trustees. Each working group has co-chairs drawn from the Steering Committee and the wider Marist community. 

Academic Excellence

  • Addrain Conyers (Co-Chair), Associate Professor of Criminal Justice; Chairperson, Criminal Justice
  • *Alicia Slater (Co-Chair), Dean of the School of Science
  • JaimeLynne Bishop, Senior Instructional Designer
  • Obidinma Egbokwu, Class of '24
  • Melissa Gaeke, Director Center for Civic Engagement and Leadership; Professional Lecturer in Political Science
  • Marina Giraldo, Class of '24 (PA)
  • James Honan, '78, Senior Lecturer on Education, Harvard University; Member of the Board of Trustees
  • Kimery Levering, Associate Professor of Psychology
  • Michael Lewis, Registrar 
  • James Melitski, Professor of Public Administration
  • James Morrow-Polio, Associate Director International Programs
  • Jacqueline Reich, Dean School of Communication and the Arts 

Student Support

  • Eitel Lauria (Co-Chair), Professor and Director of Graduate Programs
  • *Matt McMahon (Co-Chair), Assistant Dean for Student Affairs
  • Eileen Gilfedder Altobelli '82, President of the Alumni Executive Board; Member of the Board of Trustees
  • Julie Byron, Assistant Athletic Director
  • Jamie Cocco-Simmons, Director of Student Financial Services Operations 
  • *Christina Wright Fields, Assistant Professor of Education
  • Christina Fojas, Clinical Assistant Professor 
  • Maggie Gravano, Class of '25
  • Dabby Hines, Director Advising and Academic Services
  • Mary Jones, Executive Director Center for Career Services
  • Marisa Moore, Director Counseling Services
  • Kathleen Weisse, Director of the Writing Center; Lecturer in English 

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging

  • Edward Antonio (Co-Chair), VP DEI
  • *John Bartlett (Co-Chair), Fashion Program Director
  • Kristin Bayer, Associate Professor of History
  • Jay Bainbridge, Associate Professor of Public Administration 
  • Judith Creedon, Learning Disabilities Specialist 
  • Laurie DeJong '87/P '19, President and CEO, LDJ Productions; Member of the Board of Trustees
  • Daniel Drewnowski, Manager Recruitment and Work Development
  • Emma Fredrick, Assistant Professor of Psychology
  • Freddimir Garcia '09/'14MBA, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer at Hudson Gateway Association of REALTORS, Inc; Chair, Alumni D&I Advisory Board
  • Kumba Nyang, Class of '23
  • Martin Shaffer, Dean School of Liberal Arts 


  • *Jessica Boscarino (Co-Chair), Associate Professor of Political Science; Chairperson, Political Science
  • John Peters (Co-Chair), Dean of International Programs 
  • *Tony Carrizales, Associate Professor of Public Administration
  • Kate Donham, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
  • Joe Giacalone '03/'08MPA, Executive Director of International Admission
  • Diane Hart '07MPA, Associate Vice President for Operations
  • Brother John Klein '70, FMS, Marist Brother; Member of the Board of Trustees
  • John (Jack) Kraus, Class of '23
  • Beatriz Matarazzo, Class of '24 
  • M. Marina Melita, Senior Lecturer of Italian
  • Juris Pupcenoks, Associate Professor of Political Science
  • Julie Raines, Associate Professor of Criminal Justice 


  • *Alan Labouseur '90 (Co-Chair), Professor of Computer Science
  • *Julin Sharp (Co-Chair), Assistant Vice President, Digital Learning Platforms and Technology
  • Rebecca Albitz, Director, James A. Cannavino Library 
  • Andrew Alongi '08/'11M, Director of Marketing
  • Katharine Dill, Associate Professor of Social Work
  • Brian Dolansky, Associate Director Safety and Security
  • Zion Klos, Assistant Professor of Environmental Science
  • Jerome Pickett '98/'22M, Founder and CEO, Synth Advisory Services; Member of the Board of Trustees
  • Christopher Reck, Professional Lecturer of Finance
  • Kat Schrier, Associate Professor of Games and Emerging Media; Director of Games and Emerging Media 

Elevating Marist

  • *Sean Kaylor '90 (Co-Chair), Vice President for Enrollment Management
  • Daryl Richard '97 (Co-Chair), Vice President for Communication and Marketing
  • Amanda Damiano, Assistant Professor of Communication; Director, Center for Social Media
  • Caleb Davis, Class of '24
  • Fred Dever, Class of '87
  • Michael Napolitano, Assistant Director of Music
  • Tracey Niemotko, Associate Professor of Management  
  • Lee Miringoff, Assistant Professor of Political Science; Director of MIPO
  • Tim Murray, Athletic Director
  • Alvin Patrick '86, Executive Producer, CBS News; Member of the Board of Trustees
  • Amy Woods '97, Executive Director, Alumni Relations 
* Asterisk indicates membership on the Strategic Plan Steering Committee 

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The Strategic Plan Steering Committee is responsible for ensuring a transparent, inclusive, and meaningful process, one that seeks out and incorporates the voices and perspectives of all members of the Marist community. One of the first objectives of the Steering Committee will be to develop a robust communications and engagement strategy that ensures multiple opportunities and vehicles through which you can contribute your ideas, including participation on a working group, in a listening session or town hall, or through written feedback submitted via