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Field Training

Once a semester, Charlie Company comes together with the rest of Ram Battalion for a Field Training Exercise (FTX). FTXs are conducted on military installations such as Fort Dix, NJ, and West Point, NY. FTXs are weekend-long training events that are practical implementations of the leadership and tactical lessons learned by cadets in their Military Science Classes and Leadership Labs held throughout the semester.

During an FTX, cadets conduct squad or platoon level operations in a completely tactical enviroment. Cadets lead each other throughout FTXs, demonstating peer leadership abilities and are assessed on their compentencies as a future Army officer. Cadets can expect to be sleeping in patrol bases in the woods, planning and executing combat operations, participating in ruck marches, and leading entire platoon-sized elements (up to 40 soldiers) during operations. 

The FTX is designed to allow cadets the ability to hone in their competencies as leaders and are the cornerstone to developing young officers in the Army. 

Ram Battalion Fall FTX

Ram Battalion's 2018 Fall FTX was held in Fort Dix, NJ. Here, some clips of our training can be seen, as well as a discussion with our Professor of Military Science. 

Cadets leave FTXs with sharpened leadership skills and tactical ability, which are critical aspects of an Army officer.