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Frequently Asked Questions

Preparing to live on a college campus is a very exciting process, but can also be overwhelming. The Office of Housing and Residential life is here to make the process easy every step of the way. See below for answers to frequently asked questions, or learn more about what to bring to move on campus >>

First-Year Students

Incoming first-year students need to fill out the Housing Application and Room Selection Forms on the College’s StarRez Housing Portal. They are also found on the College’s Orientation website. To access StarRez, students must use their Marist email and password.

For login issues, contact the Marist College Help Desk at (845) 575-4357.

The housing application deadline for the 2024-25 academic year is noon on July 1, 2024.

There are four application sections:

  • Contact/Emergency Contact Information
  • Lifestyle Preferences/Roommate Matching Survey
  • Building Ranking
  • Special Interest Housing/Living Learning Community

Housing assignments will be available in early August on the Housing & Residential Life section of MyMarist. Housing assignment information includes the student’s building, room number, and the name and contact information of roommate(s). 

Students fill out the Lifestyle Preference and Roommate Matching Survey found on the Housing Application after they make their Housing deposit and before the July 1, 2024 deadline. Students without a roommate request will be paired with roommate(s) according to their lifestyle preferences.

During June Orientation, students can begin making roommate requests. The Housing Portal includes an optional Roommate Matching Tool, which allows students to search for roommates based on preferences. The General Roommate Request is for students who already know each other and want to live together. These students are still required to fill out their lifestyle and roommate matching survey. Roommate requests will only be accepted using the Housing Application.

No roommate requests will be accepted by email or after the July 1, 2024 deadline. 

Students can request to live with up to three (3) roommates for a total of four students in one room. Quads are typically assigned to Marian Hall. Quad rooms are not widely available, so we cannot always grant these requests. We may split up groups of four into two smaller groups if all quads are taken. Students can also request up to three total roommates and rank MidRise as their top choice, but there is no guarantee of placement in MidRise's suites. 

A student’s first year will be both challenging and exciting. Traditionally, Marist holds the ideal that the experience of living with someone whom you have not known before is both invaluable and beneficial to one's growth. If a student has a specific person they would like to live with, they should complete the General Roommate Request Form on the Housing Application before the July 1, 2024 deadline. 

Single rooms for first-year students are limited for students who have a documented medical need approved by our Accommodations and Accessibility Office. 

Every effort is made to work with roommates to ensure they can peacefully co-exist in the same living environment. Resident Assistants, First Year Coordinators, and Resident Directors are all available to assist if roommate conflicts occur. All first-year residents are required to complete a roommate agreement to clearly establish expectations while sharing the space. Taking into account the transition period for all first-year students, roommate changes are strongly discouraged in the first semester.

When filling out the Housing Application, students must rank each of the five first-year buildings. Watch a video about First-Year Residence Halls. Ranking a building as a top choice does not guarantee placement. We do our best to place students in one of their top three choices when possible.

Applications for P-STEM, Honors, First Generation, Women's Athletic Connection, and Gender Inclusive Housing are available online through the Housing Application. Students must apply for special interest housing by July 1, 2024. Housing preferences can be changed until the Housing Application deadline, but not after. Students will be notified of their application status via their Marist email at the end of July. Learn more about each community and how to qualify at MyMarist Housing and Residential Life.  

Students who need a housing accommodation for a medical need must submit the Housing Accommodation Form found here to the Office of Accommodations and Accessibility. The form should be completed as soon as possible.  

We encourage you to bring pictures, posters, etc. - anything that will make your room comfortable and an expression of who you are. You will live in this room for approximately nine months, so be sure to bring things that will make you feel at home. View a comprehensive list of suggestions about what to bring. 

Twin extra-long sheets are the appropriate size for the beds in our residence halls. The mattresses measure approximately 36"X 80" and are also known as "College Standard." Beds are adjustable up to a height of 36 inches. Click here to purchase linens.

We recommend a 6’ x 9’ carpet for all five of the first-year residence halls. Click here to purchase carpets. Proceeds from these sales go to resident student leadership programs.

First-year students will have access to microwaves in the common areas of the residence halls, and are allowed to have one microwave (700 watts maximum) per room. Each room may also have one refrigerator (3.6 cubic ft maximum). You will also have ample time to order a microwave and/or refrigerator before you move on campus in August. After you receive your room assignment, we recommend that you contact your roommate(s) and coordinate who is bringing shared items to your room. Refrigerators and microwaves can be rented through a college-sponsored vendor. They will be delivered to your room prior to First-Year Student move-in day.

The possession and use of candles, contact wall paper, halogen lamps, hot plates, broiler ovens, fry pans, popcorn makers, space/portable heaters, bed risers, coffee makers (Single brewer coffee makers (Keurigs) are permitted), immersion heaters, toasters, air conditioners, oversized speakers, wireless routers, and similar portable equipment is prohibited. Due to fire safety regulations, extension cords are also prohibited, although students are allowed one UL listed surge protector that features a reset button. If you have questions regarding a specific item not mentioned please contact the Office of Housing and Residential Life.

Marist is pleased to offer the IPTV service to all of our on-campus residents. IPTV is an internet protocol TV platform that delivers live TV, network DVR services and access to TV everywhere such as HBO Max, to students over the campus network. IPTV lets students watch live television the way they want on laptops and other devices anywhere on campus. Wireless internet is available in each room and common area of all buildings.

Smoking, including electronic smoking devices, is not allowed in any of Marist’s residence halls. It is Marist College policy that smoking is prohibited within 25 feet of any College building. 

Each area is staffed with a Resident Assistant (an upper-class student staff member) assigned to each floor who builds community by implementing programs, enforcing college policy, and acting as a peer mentor to residents. A Resident Assistant is on duty each evening from 7 p.m. to 8 a.m., in order to assist with any problems, concerns or questions that a resident student may have. In addition, the first-year areas also have at least one live-in professional staff member in the building, the Resident Director who is responsible for the overall operation of the area. First Year Coordinators, who assist residents with academics and adjustment, also live in the residence halls.

Marist Dining Services offer a wide variety of food options in the Dining Hall and can accommodate students with special dietary needs. There are a number of cafes and coffee shops on campus where students can use their Thrifty Cash or Marist Money. 

General Campus Housing

Rooms house between two (2) to four (4) students depending on the room and the residence area.

Each room has a bed, dresser, desk, desk chair, and closet for each student that the room was designed to house.

The following items are not allowed in the residence halls:

  • double-sided sticky tape (commonly used to attach dry erase boards to doors)
  • halogen lights
  • hot pots
  • hot plates
  • boiler ovens
  • fry pans
  • space/portable heaters
  • air conditioners
  • coffee makers
  • toaster ovens/toasters
  • warmers

In addition, first year students are not permitted to have shot glasses and/or other alcohol/drug paraphernalia. Due to fire safety regulations, extension cords are prohibited and each student is allowed one surge protector only for the use of their computer.

Learn more about what to bring when living on campus >>

The residence halls are secure twenty-four hours a day. All students are required to swipe their ID card to prove that they have approved access to each Freshmen building. Security is committed to regular patrolling of the Residence Halls in the evening and early morning hours. In an emergency, Marist Security can always be reached at (845) 575-3282.

No, currently we do not have any housing available for married couples.

Applications packets for the Resident Assistant position are available at the beginning of each semester via MyMarist, or in the Office of Housing and Residential Life.

First-Year and Transfer Students: First-year and transfer students payment for housing is included in your statement sent to your home address from Student Financial Services.  First-year and transfer students fill out forms for where they wish to reside on campus during their orientation session.

Returning Students: Returning students will pay an advance room deposit in February.

The Academic Calendar contains information pertaining to move in and move out dates, first and last days of classes and other important deadlines.

There is a Residence Hall Council (RHC) in every residence area consisting solely of Marist Students living in your residence area. Positions of leadership are attained through student elections. Meeting times are generally posted in your residence area and the laundry facilities for the upperclassmen.

  • The Marist College Post Office within MyMarist can answer any questions pertaining to mail delivery and student mailboxes.
  • The Office of Safety and Security issues parking permits.
  • The Office of Student Activities & Organizations is in charge of campus wide events and other activities pertaining to Marist students.
  • The Physical Plant office is in charge of Grounds, Maintenance and Housekeeping.

Student Financial Services

Student Financial Services can provide information on assistance in paying your bill.

Dining Services

Dining plans are required for all first-year and sophomores residing in Champagnat Hall, Sheahan Hall, Leo Hall, Midrise Hall, Marian Hall, Foy Townhouses, Upper and Lower New Townhouses, Upper and Lower West Cedar Townhouses, and Fulton Townhouses. Juniors and Seniors residing in a townhouse/apartment have full kitchens, therefore dining plans are optional.

Learn More About Marist Dining >


Off-Campus Housing

If you desire to withdraw from campus housing, the Office of Housing and Residential Life provides information on available rental properties.

Other Questions?

We'd love to hear from you! We understand that as a first year student you will have many questions. If you are wondering about something that is not on this sheet, please do not hesitate to call us at the Office of Housing and Residential Life at (845) 575-3307 or send us an e-mail at