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Emerging Leaders Program Student Executive Board

Victor Adaun
Abigail Hackbarth
Kyla Gaibor
Iria Rodriguez
Katina Simpson
Angelique Virk
Oakkar Win


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Victor Adaun, '22
Image of Victor Adaun, Emerging Leaders Program Board Member

Majors: Psychology, Criminal Justice

Why I joined ELP/NSLS: I want to be an all-around leader equipped with the necessary skills and traits that would enable me reach my set objectives, and eventually achieve self-actualization.

Additional on/off campus leadership and involvement: In addition to being an ELP board member, I am a member of the Business Club and one of the Resident Assistants (R.A) for the Midrise building. I am also an entrepreneur and CEO of multiple organizations based in my home country, Nigeria.

Why Marist students should get involved with ELP/NSLS: The ELP/NSLS program is definitely training the next generation of excellent leaders at Marist College and beyond. It is a platform that affords people the opportunity to learn, grow, interact and most importantly, network, especially with established persons in various industries. This program aids students in plotting the leadership graph that has the potential of leading to success.



Abby Hackbarth, '21
Vice President

Image of Abby Hackbarth, Emerging Leaders Program Executive Board Member

Major: Communication (Public Relations)
Minor: Digital Video Production 

Why I joined ELP/NSLS: Upon receiving my acceptance letter from the National Society of Leadership and Success, I immediately knew I wanted to take the necessary steps towards being an inducted member. After reading about the society online, and the various webcasts and workshops that I would have the opportunity to be a part of, I realized that joining NSLS would be a great opportunity to further develop the leadership qualities that I already possess, as well as an opportunity to acquire new insight on how I can be a more effective leader overall. The decision I made to join the National Society of Leadership and Success seemed like a reasonable one that would better me for a more successful future in leadership.

Additional on/off campus leadership and involvement: In addition to participating in workshops, webcasts, and SNT meetings for the National Society of Leadership and Success, I am also very involved in community service; I work specifically with the local organization Friends Helping Friends, as well as the Miles of Hope Breast Cancer Foundation.

Why Marist students should get involved with ELP/NSLS: Marist students should get involved with the Emerging Leaders Program and/or the National Society of Leadership and Success because working through either of these programs will offer the proper training to be a better leader; at school, in the workplace, in the community, and in life. People who know how to lead effectively will ultimately wind up shaping the world, having a large impact on people around them. If more people had the skills to be able to make this positive impact on their communities, just think of how different the world around us would be.


Kyla Gaibor, '22
Co-SNT ChairImage of Kyla Gaibor, Emerging Leaders Program Executive Board Member

Major: Business Administration (International Business)

Why I joined ELP/NSLS: I joined the ELP because I believe that college is an extremely important time for refining leadership skills and finding new areas to be a leader. As I studied abroad last year, I was very excited to become involved on campus and I think the ELP is the perfect way to gain the tools necessary to being an involved student. The workshops available through the ELP are ones that I believe will help prepare me not only for my future professional interactions, but also to take up leadership positions in community and volunteer areas.

Additional on/off campus leadership and involvement: I am an RA in Leo Hall. I currently attend events held by the School of Management, programs for past study abroad students, and when I have time (but more realistically when I remember) campus club meetings and RHC meetings. Back home in Pennsylvania, I am a continued 4-H volunteer and supporter and enjoy volunteering with my local Humane Society and a military veteran support group.

Why Marist students should get involved with ELP/NSLS: Marist students should get involved in ELP because there are always ways that you can improve as a leader. The workshops and connections offered by the ELP can give students the tools to become leaders on campus, in their individual communities, and in their future professional environments.


Iria Rodriguez, '23
Social Media/Publicity Chair
Image of Iria Rodriguez, Emerging Leaders Program Board Member

Major: Business Administration (International Business); Pre-law

Why I joined ELP/NSLS: I joined the NSLS because I want to grow my leadership skills. The NSLS offers an internal growth in terms of mindset and finding who you are and it also teaches you life lessons from experiences of successful people.

Additional on/off campus leadership and involvement: On campus I work in the School of Management at the Dean's office and Advising Center's front desk. 

Why Marist students should get involved with ELP/NSLS: College is a unique experience that teaches us who we are and who we can become. The NSLS not only helps you reflect on yourself but it also teaches you how to become a better version of yourself. You should look into getting involved if you want to make new friends and grow your leadership skills.


Katina Simpson, '22
Co-SNT Chair
Image of Katina Simpson, Emerging Leaders Program Executive Board Member

Major: Business Administration (Marketing)

Why I joined ELP/NSLS: I joined ELP/NSLS because in high school I realized how much I love to be a leader and bring people together to pursue a common goal. I knew that I wanted to continue to learn and grow as a leader. ELP/NSLS intrigued me as the perfect place to enrich my leadership skills.

Additional on/off campus leadership and involvement: On campus, I am a part of Campus Ministry, Business Club, and Her Campus. I also have a job at Student Activities as an operations crew member. Off campus, I am a certified lifeguard, and I have been a full-time camp counselor and lifeguard at a sleepaway camp in Maine for many years.

Why Marist students should get involved with ELP/NSLS: Everyone should be involved in ELP/NSLS. Leadership and communication skills are important in everyone’s life. The workshops and telecasts provide us with helpful, inspiring, and knowledgeable information that every student should have to create successful situations in their own lives and the lives of others.




Angelique Virk, '24Photo of board member Angelique Virk
General Board Member

Major: Biomedical Sciences/Pre-med Track

Why I joined ELP/NSLS: I joined the ELP/NSLS because I was heavily involved in my middle school and high school honors societies and it was something, I was so honored and proud to become a part of. When you allow yourself to become part of such organizations, you learn a lot about confidence and how to express that as an individual and transfer that to people who look to you for guidance. I think everyone should try to take a position or role in leadership opportunities because it helps build character skills that transfer to many aspects of one's life. I aspire to be a doctor, which takes a lot of responsibility and leadership qualities which I hope to strengthen in this honor society.

Additional on/off campus leadership and involvement: As a freshman in the School of Science, I am currently on the Dean's List and have plans to start a Pre-Med club. I believe it is important to strengthen and create as many scenarios in one's desired field to maximize their experience. It’s paramount for myself and my other Pre-Med peers to start an organization where we can all come together and share goals, support, and experiences which reminds me a lot of the SNT group meetings that I had when joining the Emerging Leaders Program. Outside of college, I have spent many years volunteering at my local hospital, Jamaica Hospital, in Queens, New York; where I currently hold the position as a Physician Scribe. At Jamaica, I shadow physicians in exam rooms and take vital signs of patients. Working with autistic toddlers in an apprenticeship with an Applied Behavioral Analyst Therapist, I collected data on autistic toddlers and worked on improving their behavioral and social skills. Also working in Camba after-school, a non-profit organization, I organized activities for elementary school students. Furthermore, I have attended research conferences where I shared individual research of antibiotic resistance triggering flare-ups in Lupus and my knowledge of treatments concerning the auto-immune condition. Because Lupus truly holds a special place in my heart, I counsel Lupus patients and provide coping techniques with the dealing of such a life-changing, chronic illness. 

Why Marist students should get involved with ELP/NSLS: I think that Marist students should get involved with the ELP/NSLS because being in a community with fellow driven and hardworking individuals can only benefit a person; you receive encouragement and confidence that is accessible and beneficial and is truly an accomplishment. I cannot stress enough how leadership opportunities are amazing character-building skills and, in any field, support one's individual growth and makes for a better individual. The ELP/NSLS provides many opportunities that Marist students should strive to capitalize on, whether it be scholarships or internships, to build a worthwhile future rooted through hard work.


Oakkar Win, '22Image of ELP Board Member Oakkar Win
General Board Member

Major: Business Entrepreneurship 
Minor: English

Why I joined ELP/NSLS: I joined the Emerging Leaders Program to gain insights on leadership. I was really interested by the NSLS speaker series and what they had to offer as advice for college students.

Additional on/off campus leadership and involvement: I am a peer mentor and an international orientation leader. Regarding clubs on campus, I am an active member of MISA, ARCO, MSA, and MW (Women in Business).

Why Marist students should get involved with ELP/NSLS: To learn about leadership and staying active in terms of pursuing personals and development. Additionally, listening to others with experience speak about this issue is extremely insightful and mind opening. I definitely learned something new.