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Make an Online Deposit

Marist Money is a convenient, prepaid money management account which allows you to enjoy campus wide purchasing power. Funds in your Marist Money account can be used to purchase items on campus as well a selected off campus merchants. Marist Money is carried over from semester to semester, year to year. Once you leave the college, a balance of $20 or more will be refunded to the student.


By clicking on the Make A Deposit button you agree to have read both the privacy policy   and security policy  .

Online Deposits to Marist Money Accounts

Friends and Family

  1. Select “Make a Deposit”.
  2. Enter student’s CWID number.
  3. Enter the student’s date of birth (DOB) as MM/DD/YYYY and then click “Log On”.
  4. Please be sure to use Visa, Mastercard or Discover credit cards.
  5. The credit card expiration date format is MMYY
  6. The dollar amount format is 000.00, i.e. 25.00
  7. There is a minimum deposit of $25.00
  8. Please do not make two consecutive deposits of the same dollar amount (even if the deposits are for two different students) using the same credit card.

Refund for Deposit Errors

Refunds can only be made to the original card holder and credit card used to make the deposit into Marist Money. All refunds must be approved and signed off by the appropriate manager within the Card Services Office.  A Credit Card Refund for Deposit Errors form must be filled out and sent to the Marist Card Office.

If you have made an error in you deposit amount, please use the form below for a refund.

Credit Card Refund for Deposit Errors Form