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On- and Off-Campus Merchants

The Marist Money card is accepted at a number of on- and off-campus merchants.

On-Campus Merchants:

  • Advancement
  • Campus Dining (all locations)
  • Student Activities
  • Digital Publication Center
  • Marist College Bookstore
  • Mporium, Fashion
  • Library (Copier)
  • Post Office

Off-Campus Merchants:

Click on any link below to view that vendor's website.

Grubhub & Marist Money

Marist College is partnered with Grubhub for mobile ordering on and off campus. You can now use your Marist Money to order from your favorite local restaurants on Grubhub! And with your free Grubhub+ Student membership, you'll enjoy $0 delivery fees through graduation.

You can use Grubhub anywhere it is accepted. For a list of Grubhub locations, you can go to their Food Delivery website.

It is easy to add your Marist account to the Grubhub app.

  1. Download the Grubhub app, if you do not have it installed already.
  2. Click on Account - then Campus dining - then Find my campus.
  3. Enter Marist College.
  4. Add your campus card via SSO (Single Sign On) - This is your Marist account and password.
  5. Then you are all set!

If you are having any issues connecting your Marist account to Grubhub or you have other questions:

  • You can go to Grubhub's website to read more about the setup process as well as finding some frequently asked questions.
  • You can contact Grubhub directly on their Help page.

* Alcohol, tobacco, lottery, or gift cards may not be purchased with Marist Money