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Ensuring Student Success

Ensuring Student Success

The Marist educational experience focuses on developing the knowledge, character, and skills required to succeed and to adapt through a lifetime of change.



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Exceeding Goals

Our defining goal is to assist each student in maximizing their own potential. Marist prepares all students to achieve their distinct personal and professional goals. We do not measure success only by grades or salary in a first job. Instead, to us success means exploring ideas broadly, developing essential skills and competencies, learning to balance risk and reward, and preparing to lead lives of real meaning. 

In order to ensure student success, we have and will continue to individualize the Marist educational experience to meet the wide-ranging interests and circumstances of our students with the aim of developing their intellect, character, and skills in ways responsive to 21st-century realities.

Experiential Learning

We provide challenging and innovative curricula that promote experiential learning opportunities such as internships, student-faculty collaborative research, and access to advanced technology.

This goal of ensuring student success requires us to identify the common knowledge, abilities, and values that all students need to succeed in a rapidly changing world. More specifically, students need an educational experience that is broad, rigorous, and modern; co-curricular activities that extend learning beyond the classroom or lab; and support services that enable all students to reach their potential.

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A Well-Rounded Education

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At Marist, we demonstrate excellence in education through an emphasis on quality teaching in a small classroom setting. With a student to faculty ratio of 16:1, our dedicated faculty really get to know their students, leading to mentorship, joint research opportunities, and intellectual guidance.

We believe in the value of a liberal arts education and the idea that all students–no matter what their primary field of study–should receive a broad education across many disciplines, learn to think logically and creatively, and be able to communicate effectively. Through the Core curriculum and major fields of study, students learn to think logically and creatively, to synthesize and integrate methods and insights from a variety of disciplines, and to express themselves effectively orally, in writing, and through media.



Student Success

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The Strategic Plan

At Marist, we are perpetually striving to grow and enhance the values of our institution. The 2018-2023 Strategic Plan does this by focusing on three essential goals: Ensuring Student Success, Promoting Innovation, and Advancing the Social Good. These goals and supporting initiatives will assist us in setting operational priorities and will form the basis of the College’s annual planning and assessment process. They present a direction that is ambitious but achievable, a logical extension of the College’s historic strengths that focus equally on both our social and intellectual future.