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Marist College Honors the Class of 2022

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May 24, 2022 – Thousands descended on campus to recognize Marist College’s Class of 2022. In an amazing weekend featuring awards, events and finally, the 76th Commencement at Marist, the time was filled with poignant speeches, accomplishments recognized, celebrations and tearful good-byes.

76th Commencement for Traditional Undergraduates

On a beautiful bright, sunny and unseasonably warm Saturday on the Campus Green, traditional undergraduates from the Class of 2022 were honored with the Presentation of Candidates for Bachelor’s Degrees from the Marist Schools of Management, Science, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Communication and the Arts, Liberal Arts and Computer Science and Mathematics.

Marist College President Dr. Kevin Weinman addressed the students as part of his first Spring Commencement since his arrival as Marist’s fifth President last year. In his speech, President Weinman noted the accomplishments of the students during historic times. He also focused his speech on the importance of humility, measuring success ahead and the challenges currently facing this latest group of graduates, noting the world they enter.

“The world today has problems that are not going to solve themselves. The global community is in dire need of humility, desperate for people who care for others more than themselves,” said President Weinman.



He also spoke about students developing their own genuine brand of humility, one that will help lead a life of purpose, service, and one that can help solve the world’s problems.

“You are each your own beautiful, unique, unfolding novel, a Pulitzer in the making,” said President Weinman. “What you’ve overcome and are still struggling to overcome. What you love. What you’re afraid of. What inspires you. What you hope your future holds.”

President Weinman also made a nod to their experience as remote students during the pandemic.

“When you and your high school friends fanned out to colleges across the nation, did you ever think that you’d attend classes for a time staring into a screen while eating food out of a cardboard box?” he joked.

Valedictorian and student body president Tenzin Tsundu also addressed the crowd. Tsundu, an international student from Nepal, focused on improving student engagement and well-being impacted by the pandemic, and represented student concerns to the Marist College Board of Trustees. Tsundu talked about the challenges ahead for the Class of 2022.

“It has now become more important than ever that we connect across boundaries and learn to live and work with people of different backgrounds and identities,” said Tsundu. “The challenges we face require global effort, commitment and collaboration. Although the problems that lie ahead of us are significant, knowing you, gives me hope,” he said.

Image of Tenzin Tsundu delivering the Valedictory Address
Tenzin Tsundu delivering the Valedictory Address

The full Commencement for traditional undergraduate students can be found here.

76th Commencement for Adult Undergraduate and Graduate Students 

Commencement on Friday night acknowledged adult undergraduate, master’s and doctoral students on the Campus Green. New York Post Sports columnist and best-selling author Ian O’Connor ’86 received the Distinguished Alumni Medal.

image of Ian O’Connor ’86 delivering the Address to Graduates
Ian O’Connor ’86 delivering the Address to Graduates

See a full recap of O’Connor’s speech here.

Students Julianna Loussedes received the Award for Excellence in Graduate Studies and Shireen Scott received the Award for Excellence in Professional Programs.

image of Julianna Loussedes delivering the Award for Excellence in Graduate Studies Address

Julianna Loussedes delivering the Award for Excellence in Graduate Studies Address

Loussedes graduated with her Master of Arts in Teaching in adolescence and special education. A student in the five- year program, she earned her bachelor’s degree in mathematics from Marist College in 2021. 

Scott’s higher education journey began in 1995 at Baruch College. She later completed her Bachelor of Science in management studies with a minor in information technology management at Marist, graduating summa cum laude. Scott talked about her fruitful college voyage that started for her more than two decades earlier.

“For me it was a journey of a dream that seemed to be just out of reach, a dream deferred. However, we started this journey, there’s one thing we all have in common today. We not only did it, we did it successfully during a global pandemic,” Scott said.

image of Shireen Scott delivering the the Award for Excellence in Professional Programs Address

Shireen Scott delivering the the Award for Excellence in Professional Programs Address

She also noted the challenge of completing her education while being a mother and managing her career. 


“The majority of us had full-time jobs, some had more than one,” she said. “Figuring out how to get young kids on their Zoom meetings while not turning yourself into a cat on your own was a huge challenge,” Scott joked.

The full Commencement for adult undergraduate, master’s and doctoral students can be found here.











Baccalaureate Awards Ceremony

On Friday afternoon, the annual Baccalaureate Awards were handed out to a number of students who excelled at whose accomplishments have lived up to Marist’s mission reflecting years of dedication, hard work, and commitment. Led by Dr. Thomas Wermuth, Vice President for Academic Affairs at Marist, the ceremony featured over forty awards.

The full Baccalaureate Awards Ceremony can be found here.

Honors Program Medal Ceremony

Commencement weekend got started on Friday morning with the Honors Program Medals Ceremony in the McCann Arena. Dr. Carolyn C. Matheus, Director of the Honors Program at Marist College, kicked off the ceremony.

The Marist Honors Program strives to keep students academically challenged while building character, cultivating leadership skills, and emphasizing the importance of civic learning and global citizenship. Students take seminar-style classes on important intellectual and social topics with Marist’s top faculty.

The full Honors Program Medal Ceremony can be found here.

Physician Assistant Program Awards Ceremony

This was the fifth Annual Awards Ceremony for the PA Program was led by program director Dr. Jeffrey Midgley.

The Master of Science in Physician Assistant Studies Program is a 24-month, full-time program designed to prepare students for clinical practice. The program consists of one 12-month didactic phase and one 12-month clinical phase. In this format, students are prepared to treat patients.

The full Physician Assistant Program Awards Ceremony can be found here.


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