New Global Studies Major Prepares Students for Careers on the World Stage

Bryan Terry, Assistant Director of Content Marketing & Communications
Marist students in Florence, Italy. Photo by Carlo de Jesus/Marist College

December 11, 2023 — A new major in Global Studies takes a significant step in Marist’s commitment to enriching the campus with diverse perspectives and fostering an internationalized learning environment.

The major takes an interdisciplinary approach to understanding the multicultural world of the 21st century, covering a variety of disciplines, global issues, and regional topics. Students can also take full advantage of the robust study abroad opportunities Marist offers to make the most of this major.

Previously offered as a minor and a pathway within the core curriculum, the new Global Studies major equips students with skills and knowledge to navigate the complex global society and pursue careers in both the public and private sectors.

“Students will become more critically engaged citizens due to the diversity that this major adds to the curriculum, aligning with the goals of the Marist 100 strategic plan for the College’s future,” said Dr. Michael O’Sullivan, Director of the Global Studies program and Professor of History. “The engagement with languages, history, politics, and economics also enhances the career prospects of our undergraduates and creates opportunities for attaining major grants.”

The major offers flexibility, allowing students to tailor their studies by selecting concentrations such as European Studies, Africana Studies, Latin American Studies, Peace and Conflict Studies, or Political Economy and Development. These choices make the major appealing to a broad spectrum of undergraduates, addressing diverse interests and career aspirations.

Image of students in museum in Austria.
Marist students explore the Esterhazy Palace in Eisenstadt, Austria. Photo by Carlo de Jesus/Marist College

Additionally, a four-year plan has been developed to facilitate double majors in Business and Global Studies. Similar opportunities will soon be available with other majors as well.

New faculty members play a key role in contributing to the strength of the program, bringing a wealth of expertise and diverse perspectives. These courses provide students with cutting-edge insights into global issues, critical thinking, and cultural awareness.

Dr. Sang-Keun Yoo, Assistant Professor of English, underscored the major's global and interdisciplinary focus, preparing graduates to address complex, global issues. 

"If I were hiring at Spotify or Netflix, I would undoubtedly prioritize candidates with a Global Studies background who can facilitate successful entry into new markets such as India or China," Dr. Yoo said.

He added that graduates with this background have access to a diverse range of career opportunities, including roles in international organizations, government agencies, multinational corporations, humanitarian organizations, and prestigious think tanks.

Veterans of the faculty are also excited about the potential of this new major, which incorporates a variety of popular courses that feature project-based learning.

“I believe that we are at the forefront of something truly transformational for Marist, for our students, and for the future they will create,” said Dr. M. Marina Melita, senior lecturer of Italian and instructor for Introduction to Global Studies courses. “The rich, interdisciplinary nature of this program will prepare Marist graduates to be empathetic, inclusive, knowledgeable, and thoughtful global citizens."

Other course offerings include Dr. Nick. T.C. Lu’s class in Postcolonial Literature and Theory, Dr. Magda Desgranges’ exploration of Diaspora Women’s Lives, and Dr. Fungisai Musoni-Chikede’s course on Gender Relations in Africa.

For more information, visit the Global Studies website here.

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