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A Multifaceted View of the World

Develop a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of our complex society with the Global Studies major. Blend your interests and passions for a tailored academic experience. With a curriculum that supports studying abroad, internships, and varied concentrations, you will learn how to analyze complex issues, conduct research, and think critically about worldly problems.

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Why Pursue Global Studies?

Global Studies majors will develop a well-rounded understanding of the intricacies of our interconnected global society. The major provides the opportunity for students to employ discipline-specific knowledge and methodology in diverse cultural, social, and economic contexts. Global Studies students will learn how to analyze complex issues, conduct research, and think critically about worldly problems.

A Customizable Curriculum for a Unique Academic Experience

Global Studies majors can take classes from various disciplines and gain an in-depth knowledge of either a region or a global issue. As a major, minor, or Pathway in the Marist Core, the Global Studies curriculum prepares students for varied careers in both the public and private sectors. Learn more about the special topics and course descriptions as they pertain to the Global Studies major. >

Global Studies Foundation Courses

Global Studies majors begin with the interdisciplinary course, Intro to Global Issues. Students will then go on to examine globalization through varying disciplines including economics, political science, languages, history, literature, and religious studies. They will need to complete introductory courses such as global history, international politics, world economics, and culture to establish a sophisticated grasp of the globalized world.


Upon completion of the courses constituting the Global Studies foundation, students may pursue a concentration by completing five courses (15 credits) on a region or topical area of concern. Regional concentrations include European Studies and Africana, Asian, and Latin American Studies. Topical concentrations include Political Economy and Development, as well as Peace and Conflict Studies. Students also have the option to pursue an elective concentration by completing five courses from three different disciplines: History, Economics, Language, Political Science and/or another area of discipline.

Global Studies Double Major

The Global Studies major is formatted in such a way where students may opt to pursue it as a double major. With flexibility in courseload, students wishing to double major can take complementary majors such as:


Global Studies Major + Minor

Global Studies majors can choose to complement their degree with a minor in areas of study such as Language, History, or Political Science. By which, students increase their intercultural competence and have a stronger candidacy for prestigious fellowships after graduation including the international Fulbright Fellowship and the Marshall Scholarship.

Students looking to pursue Global Studies as a minor can learn more about the academic requirements here

Learn From Well-Versed Scholars in our Global Society

Marist's Global Studies faculty are experts in their respective fields of study and have a diverse range of knowledge. They work closely with students, often serving as both professors and mentors, involving students in different areas of research. View the School of Liberal Arts Faculty >

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Study Abroad Opportunities for Global Studies Students

Ranked #1 nationally for Study Abroad, Global Studies majors will spend a minimum of one semester abroad, immersing themselves in diverse cultures and once-in-a-lifetime academic opportunities. With over 70+ program offerings, students will take classes from various disciplines and develop their cross-cultural communication skills, furthering both their professional and personal growth. Some popular abroad opportunities include:

  • Madrid
  • Florence
  • Dublin
  • Argentina
  • Costa Rica 

GLI Scholarship for First-Year Students with a Passion for History

The newly established Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History (GLI) Scholarship at Marist College is awarded to students from GLI’s vast national network of affiliated schools who demonstrate exceptional achievement in the study of history. This scholarship is designed to give majors with a passion for history the opportunity and freedom to pursue exciting undergraduate research and apply it to their future careers. All incoming first-year students, with an interest in history are eligible for one of four scholarship opportunities, and we encourage all who fit this criteria to apply and make a difference with their history degree from Marist.

Learn More About GLI.

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