Marist Abroad Highly Rated in 2021 Open Doors Report

Kenneth Guillaume '20

December 17, 2021 - Marist College was recently ranked second in semester-length study abroad and academic-year study abroad programs for Master’s level colleges and universities in the latest Open Doors report, a U.S. Department of State-sponsored report, for the 2019-2020 academic year. 

Rooted in the ideals of the Marist Brothers, a global education has always been at the heart of Marist’s culture and curriculum. The College offers students the opportunity to study all around the globe with our Florence campus in Italy, and two unique year-long opportunities for freshmen to study through the Freshman Florence Experience and the Freshman Dublin Experience

Freshman Florence Experience
Living, studying, and exploring in the heart of the Renaissance, students in the Freshman Florence Experience spend their entire first year in Florence, Italy. This unique learning environment allows for an outstanding college experience alongside Marist faculty, where you can live and learn about Florentine life.
Freshman Dublin Experience
Additionally, with the Freshman Dublin Experience (FDE), Marist freshmen can spend their first year exploring the cultural history of Dublin, Ireland. Students who partake in the FDE program are interested in enhancing the traditional college experience and distinguishing themselves from others, while gaining a global perspective.

Semester, Faculty-Led Short-Term, and Summer Programs 
With a global education being a foundation at Marist, the College offers 75+ study abroad programs, enabling students to stay on track in their studies while expanding their cultural experience. Offering a range of semester-long, academic year, and short-term study abroad opportunities allow students to customize an experience to best fit their interest. With no academic restrictions, every major - including sciences and technology - have the opportunity to gain a cultural perspective.

Being a cornerstone of a Marist education, Dr. John Peters, Dean of International Programs, finds that students who have the opportunity to study abroad are exposed to new experiences that allow them to grow as students and professionals. 

“International and intercultural engagement is a signature aspect of the Marist experience, and an important part of this is our abroad program. Through study abroad, our students not only experience new horizons but also re-examine the familiar through a new lens,” said Peters. “Learning to successfully negotiate and thrive in unfamiliar cultures and environments helps students to develop many of the skills we seek to foster as educators, including flexibility, problem-solving, and global competency.”

Marist was also highlighted in other rankings in the Open Doors report. The College was ranked second in the number of students participating in study abroad, up from ninth in 2019. Additionally, with 46% of students participating in study abroad opportunities, Marist ranked seventh for undergraduate students participating in study abroad. 

Organized and distributed by the Institute of International Education (IIE), Open Doors is a comprehensive resource that examines data on U.S. students studying abroad for credit at their home institutions. The report is released annually.

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