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Saxbys Announces Student CEO to Run Cafe in New Dyson Center

Anthony Proia and Bryan Terry
Mabel Aronson '25, first Saxbys Student Cafe Executive Officer at Marist in front of the Dyson Center. Photo by Yasir Olenja '24/Marist College.

April 30, 2024 — When Saxbys opens inside the new Dyson Center in the fall, it will be a hub of activity. The completely student-run cafe — the only Saxbys cafe in New York State — will include coffee, food, and seating areas for students to work, collaborate, and socialize.

In charge of the new cafe will be Mabel Aronson '25, hired after an extensive campus-wide search. As the first Student Cafe Executive Officer (SCEO), Mabel will be in charge of staff, working closely with both faculty mentors and Saxbys representatives. 

This summer, Mabel will travel to the company’s headquarters in Philadelphia to attend extensive training sessions, all while creating a network with other SCEOs across the country. A fashion merchandising major, Mabel brings with her a unique blend of creativity, retail experience, and leadership to the student-run business.

Image of Saxbys Cafe courtesy of Saxbys.
Photo Courtesy of Saxbys.

“As the inaugural SCEO, I’ll not only have the role of running the cafe, but also of adapting and understanding the needs of the Marist students and faculty,” said Mabel. “I am incredibly excited and grateful for the opportunity to take on this responsibility and build on leadership and customer service skills I’ve developed at Marist.”

Akin to an on-campus internship, Mabel will receive nine credits for her role and be paid as she leads this student-run business. She will also write research throughout the semester, culminating in a presentation to Saxbys CEO Nick Bayer.


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Saxbys will employ 45 students to work varying shifts and hours, of which more than a dozen have already been hired. Student team members will span three different categories—barista, culinary, and hospitality—and will participate in hands-on and certified training programs in their roles.

“As a business major with a concentration in entrepreneurship, I am very excited by this opportunity to get real, hands-on experience in the world of business management,” said Bridget Duffy '25, who will be part of the Saxbys team this fall.

“I am intrigued by Saxbys experiential learning programs and their commitment to student leadership,” said business major Ashley Theisen '26, who will also join the team this fall. “I hope to learn the operations and managerial aspects of the job and eventually earn some sort of leadership role.”

Image of Marist mascot Frankie holding a Saxbys cup.
Marist mascot Frankie holds a Saxbys coffee cup in front of the campus green and rotunda. Photo by Carlo de Jesus/Marist College.

Saxbys Experiential Learning Platform provides students with in-depth entrepreneurial opportunities to enrich traditional classroom learning.

"As Marist builds and strengthens experiential learning opportunities, it allows students to personalize and customize their learning paths based on their individual interests," said Heather Hallenbeck, Director of Experiential Learning for the School of Management. "Saxbys builds on the tremendous foundation students get at Marist, providing the opportunity to get their foot in the door, get practical experience, and ultimately take the helm of a student-run business right here on campus.”

Rendering of new Dyson Center
Rendering of new Dyson Center courtesy of Annum.

About the new Dyson Center
The new Dyson Center will feature state-of-the-art spaces that will support students' varied needs and facilitate learning. From entrepreneurship labs and a mock courtroom to collaborative project zones and meeting areas, the new building will buzz with activity.

The center atrium will also include common areas accessible to all on campus, including the location of Saxbys.

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