Summer in the City: Marist in Manhattan Expands its Offerings

Julia Fishman
Marist student with Sesame Street puppet Elmo

Students can now apply for a 10-week internship program in New York City.

Marist students have had terrific work experiences in New York City.

Imagine spending the summer living and working in one of the most exciting cities in the world. Marist students will have just that opportunity this year as the highly successful Marist in Manhattan Program expands its offerings into summer.

“With the new Marist College Executive Center opening on Fifth Avenue this semester, the time was right for this expansion,” noted Molly Reddish, Assistant Dean of the School of Communication and the Arts.

“This is a terrific opportunity for students who have had difficulty fitting internships into their regular semester schedules,” said Gerald McNulty, Director of the Communication & Media Studies Internship Program. “There’s definitely been interest in a summer program, and I’m pleased we can now offer one.”

During the 10-week program, students will earn three credits for their internship and a seminar on communication and leadership development taught by Communication Internship Coordinator Sara Nowlin. The College has arranged for housing through Educational Housing Services and will have a coordinator working with the cohort.

Although it is being administered through the School of Communication and the Arts, this program is open to all majors. Students are encouraged to apply soon; during its inaugural summer, the program will enroll 20 students who will live and work in Manhattan together for 10 weeks.

McNulty, who places approximately 200 interns per year, is excited about this new model. “I think it’s great to offer a program where students can both embark on a professional experience and still be part of a small subset of the Marist community. We believe that kind of peer support is very important to their success.”

Some recent placements have included A/X Armani: Exchange, CBS Sports, Madison Square Garden, Young & Rubicam, Viacom, and many more.

For information about applying to Marist in Manhattan’s summer program, click here

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