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Strategic Initiative Funding

Round 2 - Spring 2019 

  • Erik W. Anderson’20, Fern Tor Preserve Improvement Project: A proposal to renovate and further develop the Fern Tor Nature Preserve; a thirteen-acre forested area on the North End of the Marist College campus.
  • DooRi Chung and Sonia Roy, Shifting the beauty baseline through diversity and inclusivity: A proposal to fund an interactive photo and digital exhibition that illustrates how diversity and size inclusivity is changing the fashion landscape. In addition to the exhibit, the project will host a panel discussion with a diverse group of industry stakeholders for our students and the community to gain knowledge on how the baseline of beauty is evolving.
  • Alexander Conaway, G.U.Y.S. – Guys, Understand Yourselves: A First Year Males’ Initiative Program: A proposal to fund a First Year Males’ Initiative Program to increase engagement among First Year male students, while also promoting healthy masculinities and educating young men about the negative stereotypes they face as college students.
  • Matthew Frieburghaus and Joyce Yu-Jean Lee, Visualizing the Hudson Riverbed:  A proposal to fund a cross-disciplinary art project that utilizes the new Maker Lab technology from the Art and Digital Media department and sonar data collection methodologies from the Environmental Sciences department to map the bottom of the Hudson River and visually represent its terrain and underwater life through an art installation exhibited in the Steel Plant Art Gallery.
  • Joyce Yu-Jean Lee, FIREWALL: A proposal to fund socially engaged research and an interactive art project that investigates online censorship via simultaneous image searches on Google in the U.S. and on Baidu, China’s state search engine in China.
  • Lily Caffrey-Levine, A reporting fund for the Center for Sports Communication publication Center Field:  A proposal to fund a reporting grant that will allow reporters from the Marist College Center for Sports Communication’s publication, Center Field, to travel to away games and neutral site tournaments/events in order to give them an authentic reporting experience.
  • Melissa Gaeke, Civic Engagement Community Liaisons: A proposal to fund Community Liaisons who will assist the Center for Civic Engagement and Leadership (CCEL) and faculty by cultivating community partnerships, facilitate and provide logistical support for their CBL projects, serve as a key intermediary between the faculty, their community partners, and the CCEL.
  • Jane McManus and Leander Schaerlaeckens, A Diversity Voice-in-Residence for the Sports Communication Program: A proposal to fund a Diversity Voice-in-Residence instructor and mentor during the Spring 2020 semester.
  • Julie Raines and Jeff Bass, Diversion: A documentary video on criminal diversion courts in the US: A proposal to engage Criminal Justice and Communications students in the creation of a documentary about the impact of diversionary programs on the criminal justice system.
  • Robyn Rosen, First Year Seminar Research Exhibition & Reception: A proposal to fund a First-Year Student Research Exhibition & Reception to showcase the skills students are acquiring in their seminars, provide a unique platform for their work, enhance the public space on campus, and inspire the next incoming class during their first weeks on campus. 
  • Aaron Tod and Campus Sustainability Advisory Committee (CSAC), Sustainability in Action: The Disposable to Reusable Revolution: A proposal to fund the purchase of OZZI, a comprehensive system that allows high traffic dining facilities to replace disposable serving dishes with reusable ones; a token deposit ensures their return. 
  • Stacy Williams, Diversity Leadership Training Institute: A proposal to fund the development of the Marist College Diversity Leadership Institute (MCDLI).
  • Cynthia Worrad and Roger Norton, Underrepresented Students Groups in Technology: Creating a Forum for Discussion: A proposal to expand programming for the annual Enterprise Computing Community Conference to include a speaker, and faculty/student panel discussions centered on the theme of “Underrepresented Student Groups in Technology”.
  • Bowu Zhang, Create a Supportive Community for Women in Computer Science: Student-Centered Activities: A proposal to fund the creation of a women’s networking and mentorship program to support students in the School of Computer Science and Mathematics.


Round 1 - Fall 2018 


  • Jane Ann Bean-Folkes, Understanding the “Other” through Diverse and Global Literature – A proposal to fund the purchase of materials in the James A. Cannavino Library for Marist teacher candidates and teachers to use in instruction, as well as a workshop to engage in conversation and curricular instruction about diversity and global issues.
  • Jaime Lynne Bishop, Fellowships for Marist Adjuncts: “Innovate + Beyond Your Online Course (BYOC) Certificate Track” – A proposal to fund a part-time faculty certificate program to provide hands-on training and pedagogical applications of online teaching and learning.
  • Rebecca Brown and Jodi Hartmann, Think Global Make Local – A proposal to fund a panel of industry professionals to discuss the benefits of making products in America and the impact of this work on the community.
  • Eileen Curley, Food Insecurity at Marist – A proposal to fund a research study to assess existing food insecurity needs and create future plans for a visible and robust support system for students experiencing food insecurity while enrolled at Marist.
  • Ann Davis and Jessica Boscarino, Sustainability in the College and the Community: A Model of Curriculum Integration – A proposal to fund a working group of faculty fellows who will integrate sustainability-related coursework across the Environmental Studies Pathway and minor.
  • Nicole Doyle ’19, Liana Frasca ’19, and Elizabeth Sincavage ’19, Cultural Microaggressions at Marist College – A proposal to hold student focus groups on the subject of cultural microaggressions, with the goal of developing a campus-wide training to make the College a welcoming and inclusive environment for all.
  • Christina Fojas, 3D Printing Technology to Enhance Student Learning of Human Anatomy – A proposal to purchase 3D printing technology capable of producing a diverse set of anatomy models to supplement the cadaveric lab experience of graduate students in the allied health fields.
  • Christina Fields, Think Global, Act Local: Developing Social Justice Minded Youth – A proposal to fund a partnership between Marist, Global Arts Local Arts Culture Technology International Citizenship (GALACTIC), and the Newburgh Boys and Girls Club to engage students in hands-on learning activities that connect global and local in relevant ways.
  • Melissa Gaeke, Nonprofit Organization and Careers Conference – A proposal to fund an interactive retreat for students to interact with faculty from across the College, along with alumni and local nonprofit professionals.
  • Karen Schrier, Researching an Innovation Center for Marist College – A proposal to fund internal and external research to support the conceptual development of an innovation center at Marist.
  • Lisa Stephens, Pre-Health Scholars Cohort Project to Improve Success of Students from Underrepresented Populations – A proposal to fund a social support system involving extra-curricular activities for pre-health students