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2016-2017 Planning Process


  • Geoffrey Brackett, Executive Vice President
  • Moira Fitzgibbons, Professor of English / Director, Core/LS Program / Assistant Dean, School of Liberal Arts


  • John (Jay) Bainbridge, Associate Professor of Public Administration
  • Kristin Bayer, Assistant Professor of History and Chair of the Academic Affairs Committee
  • Chris Bowser, Part-Time Faculty Member, School of Science
  • Susan Cohen, Vice President, Corporate Technical Strategy, IBM Corporation / Member of the Marist College Board of Trustees
  • Kelsey Donohue '13, Former Press Aide, Office of the First Lady at The White House / Alumni Representative
  • Steve Effron, President and CEO of Efco Products, Inc. / Member of the Marist College Board of Trustees
  • Neil Fitzgerald, Interim Dean, School of Science
  • Melissa Gaeke, Director, Center for Civic Engagement & Leadership Development; Professional Lecturer in Political Science
  • Alyssa Gates, Director, Student-Athlete Enhancement
  • Brian Haughey, Assistant Professor of Finance / Director of the Investment Center
  • Brandon Heard '17, President of the Student Body 2016-17
  • Kristin Jay, Associate Professor, Psychology / Co-director, Cognitive Science Program
  • Sean Kaylor '90, Vice President of Enrollment, Marketing, and Communication
  • Carolyn (Lyn) Lepre, Dean, School of Communication and the Arts
  • Matthew Marotti '19, President of the Student Body 2017 – 18
  • Carolyn Matheus ’02/’02M, Associate Professor of Information Systems
  • Roger Norton, Dean, School of Computer Science and Mathematics
  • John Pecchia, CFO/Vice President Business Affairs
  • Jerome Pickett '98, SVP & Chief Security Officer, National Basketball Association / Member of the Marist College Board of Trustees  /Alumni Representative
  • Elizabeth (Beth) Quinn ’95/’95M, Associate Professor of Psychology / Chair of the Faculty Affairs Committee
  • Deborah Raikes-Colbert, Former Associate Vice President of Human Resources
  • Margaret (Peggy) Roush '90, Director, Enterprise Solutions, Office of Information Technology
  • Luis (Lou) Santiago ’98, Former Director of Undergraduate Admission
  • Karen Schrier, Associate Professor, Media Arts; Director, Games and Emerging Media
  • Robin Torres '95M, Assistant Dean of Student Engagement & Leadership
  • Sharone Wellington-DeAnda '04, Project Coordinator / Academic Advisor, School of Professional Programs 
  • Thom Wermuth '84, Vice President of Academic Affairs
  • Amy Woods '97, Executive Director, Alumni Relations
  • Elisa Woolridge, Associate Professor of Chemistry

Foundational Reading

These publicly-available texts are labeled "foundational readings" and were selected for review by the Strategic Planning Committee because they help illustrate, from a variety of perspectives, many of the key issues impacting higher education. They are not meant to be definitive or exhaustive, but rather provide a minimum common ground for the "Environmental Scan" of higher education. That scan is a starting point for the process of strategic planning, and aligned with the College's principles outlined in our Planning, Assessment, and Continuous Improvement (PACI) document.