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Foundational Reading

These publicly-available texts are labeled "foundational readings" and were selected for review by the Strategic Planning Committee because they help illustrate, from a variety of perspectives, many of the key issues impacting higher education. They are not meant to be definitive or exhaustive, but rather provide a minimum common ground for the "Environmental Scan" of higher education. That scan is a starting point for the process of strategic planning, and aligned with the College's principles outlined in our Planning, Assessment, and Continuous Improvement (PACI) document.

  1.  A Primer on the College Student Journey
  2.  Key Trends in Graduate and Professional Education: Attracting Students in Changing Times
  3. Online College Students
  4. Gallup - Purdue Index Report 2015
  5. 2016 Inside Higher Ed Survey
  6. State of Higher Education in 2016
  7. November 2016 Strategic Plan Presentation

Marist College Community Session on Strategic Planning Process and Foundational Readings


Assessment of Marist's 2011- 2016 Strategic Plan Outcomes

Marist College has vigorously pursued its mission over the last five years, and done it exceptionally well. Through their hard work and collegiality, the College’s staff, faculty, and administration have demonstrated a profound commitment to achieving excellence in education, building a strong sense of community, and engaging in dedicated service to others. The Strategic Planning Committee also recognizes that there are areas which need improvement and ongoing attention in order to build upon the College’s past successes. The information contained in the Assessment of Marist's 2011- 2016 Strategic Plan Outcomes is presented in a spirit of critical self-examination as well as confidence in the Marist community’s ability to thrive in the face of challenge and change.


Review of Marist's Draft 2018-2023 Strategic Plan