Graduate: Checklist for Admitted International Students

Welcome to all of our accepted international graduate students! Follow these next steps before you arrive on campus.

Checklist for Accepted International Graduate Students

Welcome to all of our accepted students! We look forward to meeting you on campus. The following information can help you prepare for your move. Let us know if you have any questions.

You will need your MyMarist credentials (login and password) in order to upload your immunization and test information.

If you do not have access to your Marist accounts yet, contact help.desk@marist.eduYou will need your CWID (Campus-Wide ID) which can be found on your acceptance letter.


There are no housing accommodations for graduate students on the Marist campus. Contacting current graduate students prior to your arrival is the best way to obtain information about available apartments.

Graduate students who require housing may stay on campus part of the week before classes begin. Refer to your Welcome Letter for available dates.

Current students may be willing to host you in their apartments while you look for accommodation for the academic year, but please be aware that Poughkeepsie has strict fire codes which permit a very limited number of tenants to stay in one dwelling, even if it is only for a short time. If too many students stay in an apartment, they may be in violation of the law due to health and fire safety concerns

NOTE: If you stay with current students you may also be asked to contribute toward the expenses of the household.

Apartments with one bedroom may be rented beginning at approximately $1,500 USD per month. A two-bedroom apartment can be rented for approximately $1,800 USD. A single bedroom apartment may be shared by two students, and a two-bedroom apartment by four. Of course, you may choose to stay in a single bedroom apartment by yourself or rent an apartment in a higher price range. Most students share apartments. It is up to you to contact your fellow students regarding their willingness to share living accommodations. As a rule, apartments are leased for one year. Landlords usually require one month's rent in advance and require an additional month's rent as a security deposit. In order to secure housing, please be prepared to bring enough funds to cover the following estimated costs:

1 Bedroom/Single occupancy/month $1,500 USD
1 Bedroom/Double occupancy/month $ 750 USD
2 Bedroom/Double occupancy/month $ 900 USD
2 Bedroom/Quadruple occupancy/month $ 450 USD

Usually, apartments are not furnished. You may need to purchase essentials: a bed, dresser, and desk upon your arrival. Many students have been able to obtain second-hand furniture at a reasonable cost. You may wish to bring sheets, towels, and a few other small household items. However, there will also be an opportunity for you to purchase these items upon your arrival in the USA. Please plan your finances accordingly.

It is best to communicate with our student representatives to find out about the most recent housing availability.

Poughkeepsie hotel accommodations closest to Marist

Holiday Inn Express - (approximately 5 minutes by taxi from the Marist campus)
341 South Road (Route 9)
Poughkeepsie, NY 12601
Phone: (845) 473-1151, Fax: (845) 485-8127

Courtyard by Marriott (approximately 7 minutes by taxi from the Marist campus)
2641 South Rd
Poughkeepsie, New York 12601
Phone: 845-485-6336 , Fax: 845-485-6514

NOTE: There are many other hotels in the area. These are the closest to Marist.

For more information about lodging in the area check the Dutchess County Tourism site.


International students are required to purchase medical insurance through Marist. No waivers are permitted; however, students may purchase any additional policy they wish. 

Please see Health Services: Insurance Information for policy details.

New York State law requires that all student who are enrolled at educational institutions within the state must provide evidence of certain immunizations and health checks. Please refer to for further instructions to submit required health documentation. Please contact your health care provider to have the forms completed. When the forms have been completed, please utilize the Marist Health Services Patient Portal to upload your information, in accordance with the instructions found on the MyMarist Health Services page.

If you are unable to upload these documents prior to arrival, you must submit these documents to Health Services during International Student Orientation. 


The weather in Poughkeepsie varies a great deal. During the summer, temperatures may go above 90° Fahrenheit (33°Celsius), and during the winter, they often go well below the freezing point, 32°F (0°C). You will need warm clothing (boots, hats, gloves, and a heavy coat) for the winter because Poughkeepsie can get snow and ice from November through March. During the fall and spring, the weather is generally very pleasant. We recommend purchasing these items when you arrive in the United States.