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2024-25 Estimated Cost of Attendance: First-Year/ Transfer

The cost of attendance is determined by Marist College in accordance with federal regulations and may vary from student to student. 

Cost First-Year Resident First-Year Commuter Living at Home First-Year Off-Campus
Billable Expenses
Tuition* $46,920  $46,920  $46,920 
Activity Fee $300 $300 $300
Health Services Fee $400 $400 $400
Orientation Fee** $130 $130 $130
Housing*** $11,490 N/A N/A
Food $6,840 N/A N/A
Total Billable Expenses $66,080 $47,750 $47,750
Estimated Non-Billable Expenses
Housing and Food N/A $5,600 $20,090
Books and Supplies $2,425 $2,425 $2,425
Transportation $1,035 $1,600 $1,600
Miscellaneous/Personal $1,100 $1,100 $1,100
Federal Loan Fees $85 $85 $85
Total Estimated Non-Billable Expenses $4,645 $10,810 $25,300
Total Estimated Cost of Attendance**** $70,725 $58,560 $73,050


*Tuition figures assume a student is taking 12-16 credits per semester. Credits taken in excess of 16 are billed at $825 per credit. Part-time student budgets are prorated and calculated using part-time tuition costs.

**Orientation Fee is for your first semester only. 

***Housing amount listed is based on the charge for first-year residence halls. For a full list of housing and dining plan options, click here.

****Other fees may be included such as the Learning Support Program Fee ($2,850 per semester), course fees associated with certain courses (such as fashion course fees), and the annual Health Insurance Fee ($2,275) for students who require Marist College’s comprehensive health insurance plan. 

Please see our Cost of Attendance pages for the First-Year Abroad Florence program and for the First-Year Abroad Dublin program.