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BA Fine Arts: Art History

  • Students will gain a broad knowledge of the major works of art and architecture, artists, movements, and artistic periods.
  • Students will demonstrate skills in critical thinking and writing.
  • Students will demonstrate their ability to analyze and discuss the nature and meaning of artworks and their historical contexts.
  • Students will demonstrate their ability to locate, evaluate, and synthesize information relevant to works of art and architecture from primary and secondary sources.
  • Students will become competent in communication, including class discussions, formal class presentations, traditional papers, and critical essays.

BA Fine Arts: Studio

  • Students will be introduced and become familiar with the various skills, crafts, and techniques within the various studio art media.
  • Students will find their own personal point of view within the mediums that they explored and prefer by learning particular technical aspects of chosen medium.
  • Students will understand what makes a body of work expressive.
  • Students will develop the ability to make critical evaluations in order to make critical decisions as they work in the studio art media.
  • Students will become articulate, dynamic public presenters of their work.
  • Students will create a basic portfolio of work in their preferred medium, as well as other supporting mediums.
  • Students will create a portfolio of work that highlights their personal vision and skills.

BS Studio Art

  • Students will develop an understanding of the relationships between the fundamentals of visual art while they explore and develop formal skills in a range of mediums.
  • Students will learn to follow their natural interests and develop a strong belief and trust in their personal experiences to define their art and enable them to work independently.
  • Students will learn to be receptive, resilient, daring, and critically objective about their own work.
  • Students will understand past and present artistic developments and concepts and gain an ability to analyze the work of other artists.

BS Digital Media

  • Students will develop their aesthetic sensibility, creative concepts, and technical skills as digital media artists and designers.
  • Students will express a personal artistic vision and self-identity that they are committed to growing and refining further.
  • Students will learn to communicate their ideas skillfully in visual, verbal, and written forms.
  • Students will explore and integrate both historical and contemporary digital media practices, theory, and trends in relation to their own and others' work.
  • Because digital media is a collaborative medium, students will learn to work well in a team.
  • Students will create a digital media portfolio that showcases their creativity and skills for the art or design industries, or for applying to graduate programs.